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I know that it is absolutely terrible to use my blog to make life announcements or use it as the platform for sharing personal news. In today’s world, I have a mobile phone – that little item which is constantly glued to my hand, with email, whatsapp, text message and email all enabled. I am completely aware that I should be using that when it comes to telling my friends and family my news. But, I don’t just have friends and family in which I need to share my news with – I have readers and online followers too. So it makes it easier to put little life updates together in a blog post, and simply share it with subscribers, twitter followers, Facebook fans, and my general readers, as soon as I hit publish. Hey… I do have to think about saving time too!

The most recent ‘life update’ as I like to call it is my work life. I’m currently leaving my job at a global media agency (in which I work within SEO and digital content) to pursue a career which ties in a little more with I’ve been running this blog (and dress boutique- which you can check out on ASOS Marketplace too!) for six and a half years now, which is a pretty long time. It’s a strange thing, because even though the workload for the blog can get ridiculous and a little stressful, I literally love nothing more in my life than owning and updating it.

It’s become ‘me’ – it delivers new brands and products for me to discover and to review daily, it’s brought me new friendships, and it lets me learn new tips/tricks based on beauty and make-up, to then share with people. But the best thing about it is the life skills.

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People don’t realise the amount of skill that goes behind running a blog – and especially one which is updated with new content everyday. It’s taught me how to run social media channels professionally and ‘properly’, its taught me photography and how to edit, it’s taught me writing skills and communications, and also how to effectively network and form partnerships. Overall – it’s something to be so proud of, and I always want it to be one of the biggest parts of my life.

For a long while, I was contemplating stepping away from the ‘working world’ of brands, agencies and companies etc, to pursue the blog and boutique full time. However, an opportunity came up last month to join a global online retailer brand, heading up the beauty content for an online American beauty destination. I won’t go too much into it until I start, but it retails over 300 premium and high end gorgeous makeup, skincare, beauty and fragrance brands which I’ll be creating editorial and content for.

You’ll possibly know that WhatEmmaDid is very beauty focused – constantly being filled with beauty reviews and tips. Aside from the blog, I also freelance for publications and retailers, which again is predominately in beauty. So I’m feeling super happy about coming into work every day and working with some of the best beauty brands in the world, using my editorial, blogging and content skills.

The beauty industry is a fantastic area to work in – and not just in terms of blogging, PR or marketing. The industry is rising in general, making it the best time possibly to go into roles related to beauty therapy, salon management, product development, make-up artistry, beauty copywriting and even beauty teaching. I recently came across a lovely beauty related infographic whilst looking into this thriving area, which actually highlighted some brilliant facts too. For example: did you know that there is a 13% rise in plastic surgery procedures carried out? And that men usually chose to have eyelid surgery?

In this day and age, it’s women over 50 who spend the most on their beauty regimes, and in a woman’s lifetime, she will spend approx £100,000 on cosmetics. WOAH. (For more facts, see the infographic over here or at the bottom of this post!)

Anyway, beauty business aside, I guess I don’t really have too many other life updates, except for a couple of little things. I’ll be spending a little bit more time away from Manchester, and in and around Cheshire. My new role sees me based in Cheshire, and I have also been in a relationship since the back end of last year, where my boyfriend lives towards Stoke. I love Manchester and everything about it, so spending less and less time there will be strange for me, but it also makes me appreciate the city more by not spending every weekend there.

I’ll still be sharing all my usual beauty blogger style selfies across Instagram, Twitter and all other usual forms no matter what city I am in… (I’m @whatemmadid_ on most plaforms so come say hi!)


I also turn 30 at the end of May (yeah I know what you’re thinking…you totally thought I was 23, right?) so no doubt you’ll see lots of reflective posts about my twenties, along with party planning! Me and my twin sister are hosting a joint birthday party, so I’ll be ‘selecting and rejecting’ a lot of dresses, plus experimenting with some beauty, make-up and hair scenarios.

Apologies for the waffle – hopefully you’re still awake and my life story didn’t send you to sleep. I’ll leave you to it for now and head back into my world of beauty and blogging. Thanks for reading and here’s to a brand new chapter…


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  1. April 25, 2016 / 7:47 pm

    Exciting times ahead! Good luck with the new role

    • whatemmadid
      April 25, 2016 / 8:07 pm

      Thanks Emma! Hope you are well 🙂

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