Beauty: 6 Bad Hair Care Habits You Need to Break ASAP

hershesonsIs your hair starting to look frizzy, dull, or a little too plain? There’s more to great hair than just a good hairstyle. Without the right habits and hair care routine, you could end up overspending on hair styling and products with no results.

Courtesy of Hershesons, these six hair care habits are frustratingly common. From bad brushing techniques to excess use of hair products, these six mistakes can have devastating results for the appearance and health of your hair.

Using too much shampoo

Think of shampoo like you would makeup – it’s better to use a little too little than a little too much. Using too much shampoo causes excess foam to form, blocking your hair and scalp from absorbing the shampoo in your hands.

Whenever you wash your hair, try to use enough shampoo to create foam, but not so much that your hair ends up drenched in foam. Then, rinse and repeat using slightly less shampoo for the second time.

Wrapping your hair in a towel

Did you know that wrapping your hair in a towel weakens it? Jessica Krant, M.D., a New York City dermatologist, claims that wrapping your hair in a towel puts extra stress on the hair shafts and weakens them.

Think of your hair as a spring. The more you pull on a spring, the weaker it starts to become. If you can’t shake this habit, try wrapping your hair as loosely as possible to avoid putting unnecessary stress on your hair shafts.

Failing to use conditioner

Conditioner is the salt to shampoo’s pepper – it’s an essential element for hair that’s healthy, clean, and full of life. Make sure you condition after every wash for hair that looks, feels, and moves like it should.

Shampooing too often

Did you know that shampooing to frequently might leave your hair overly worn and weakened? The old rule of washing your hair every morning, it turns out, applies to some, but not all types of hair.

Generally speaking, thin and straight hair can tolerate frequent washing, and should be shampooed at least once every two days. Thicker, darker, and curlier hair can go as long as a week without shampoo as long as it’s adequately conditioned.

Curling too frequently

That fancy curling iron might make you look wonderful, but it could be causing your hair to become seriously damaged. The immense heat produced by a curling iron is enough to rupture your hair over time, causing annoying split ends to form.

Avoid the downsides of artificially curly hair by giving your hair some recovery time between each curling session. People with naturally straight hair should avoid using their curlers too frequently, which cause the same heat-related hair damage.

Brushing too vigorously

From mothers to stylists, you might have been told by a ‘hair authority’ that regular brushing is the key to healthy hair. While it’s great to brush your hair for style, hair that’s brushed too often or too vigorously is far from healthy.

If you’re an everyday hair brusher, try to brush your hair as softly as possible. This stops the brush from breaking or pulling out strands of hair. It also stops you from scratching your skin with your hairbrush, which can cause dandruff to form

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