Beauty: 10 make-up hacks you need to know

OK guys, so today I have some exciting news! I know I only really discuss little bits on here about how I am pretty much a full time blogger. I run and my boutique a good 7 days a week, spreading it out across my weekends and evenings. However, I sometimes touch on the fact that I work in PR outreach and content too, as the ‘day job’, but this is soon to be coming to an end. For a good two years I have worked for a global agency, which has taught me so much about the crazy world on SEO. But as from mid May, I’ll be working a lot more closely with the beauty industry, bringing my editorial and blogging skills to some brilliant beauty brands,

But more on that when I get stuck in! It’s a little secret for now…

For now, as I’ll be focusing a lot more on my passion for beauty and cosmetics, I thought i’d put together a blog post I’ve been trying to post for ages. It’s based on my top beauty hacks – you know all those little tips that we pick up along the way but forget to share? Yep, it’s them. But the Emma version! So here we go – see if there is anything new to pick up…



1. Keep eyeshadow in place

Eyeliner isn’t just a brilliant product for lining the eyes. A wax based eyeliner pencil is great for creating a stay-put base, so chose an eyeliner pencil in a similar shade to your chosen eyeshadow, and apply to your eyelid. Then, apply the eyeshadow after the eyeliner has been applied as a base, to guarantee the ultimate staying put power! This especially works well with greys and browns, as we often have these colour eyeliners in our make-up kits.

2. Enlarge eye-size

When applying eye make-up, always add a touch of highlighter or white eyeshadow to the corners of your eye, and under the brow bone too. This little trick is amazing at giving the illusion of larger eyes! The highlighter/white shadow in the corner of the eyes also makes the eyes look further apart, which is fairly ‘model-esque’. Another tip is to apply brown and bronze shades to make blue eyes pop, as these two colours are on the opposite sides of the colour wheel. If you want to give this a go, consider coloured contact lenses if you don’t have blue eyes. I’m a regular wearer of contact lenses, in which I usually purchase standard ones from Tesco, but there are lots of varieties out there which can really spruce up your look.

essence powder

3. Keep Q-Tips to hand

Familiar with the annoyance of mascara rubbing off onto the top eyelids? Or – even worse – falling onto our cheeks once our make-up has all been set? Fear not, just dip a Q Tip cotton bud into your normal make-up remover (micellar water is great!) and dab away at the mascara stain, without having to wipe off your eyeshadow/foundation. Another tip is to double up your Q-Tips with a natural colour face powder. If you feel you need a certain spot, blemish or under eye section lightening up a little, coat a Q-Tip in the powder and dab on for extra coverage and shine absorbency.

4. Invest in brown eyeliner

A brown eyeliner pencil is a god send product. Not only can it line eyes, but it doubles up as a universal eyebrow pencil too. Brown eyeliner is great for everyday use, so if you worry about looking too overdone but prefer to line your eyes, just apply a little bit of brown. Brown eyeliner applied on both the upper and lower lids really makes eyes look so much brighten too, as it isn’t as drastic as black. Brown eyeliner works really well with eyeshadow palettes of lilacs, creams, greys and violets too. I particularly love the new Roses eyeshadow palette from essence cosmetics. The grey shade features shimmery silver and is a great shade to dust on top over other colours for a soft, metallic finish.

essence eyeshadow
essence eyeshadow

5. Contour quickly with bronzer

Everyone loves to contour properly, but let’s face it, time isn’t always on our side. Cheat an effortless contour by using a strong bronzer two shades darker than your foundation shade, and sweep onto your temples, cheekbone and jaw line in a number 3 movement. Layer the bronzer up under the cheekbones to create a more hollow effect..

6. Plumper Pout

Want to work on getting a plumper pout? Have a tub of eye cream? Use this to help! Most eye creams contain hyaluronic acid, which is brilliant for plumping up the skin and creating a fuller, brightened look. And eye cream doesn’t just work on the eyes – it works incredibly well on the lips too to create a fuller effect. Also, consider using a lip liner if you haven’t before. Choosing a shade a touch darker than your natural lip colour defines and shapes, and if you apply a lighter shade to the lip and blend in, you create a fuller, plumper finish.

essence lipliner
essence lip gloss

7. Perfect nails

Next time you grab your bottle of nail polish and start shaking it – stop! Shaking actually creates bubbles to form, where as if you roll the bottle in-between your hands, it creates a smooth texture instead. Another nail-related tip to bear in mind is to squeeze a little bit of lemon juice onto a cotton pad and wipe over your nails, to help rid of any discolouration, creating the clearest of nails.

8. Waterproof your lashes for curl

The logic behind this is fairly simple, yet it’s a tip not many of us know. The wetter the mascara, the heavier it is on our lashes, weighing them down and preventing that much loved curl. Waterproof mascara however, is much drier, meaning that when we apply this to our lashes after using an eyelash curler, it sets on the lashes to a light texture, allowing the eyelashes to remain curled for much longer

essence makeup

9. Volumise your hair effortlessly

Suffer from thin, fine or lifeless hair? It sounds super simple, but tip your hair upside down once towel dried, and literally blow your hair blasting away at the root. Once hair is dry, flip your head back and watch your roots look and feel so much fuller and thicker. To smooth any frizz that may have formed, spritz hairspray lightly onto a hair brush and comb through the fluffier strands to tame and smooth.

10. Clean your make-up brushes cheaply

There are so many expensive makeup brush cleaners out there, but all you really need is a baby shampoo or an antibacterial soap. Fill your sink with warm water and add the shampoo/soap, and swill the brushes around in the water once a week to remove the product build up. Lie brushes horizontal and leave to dry naturally. If having too many make-up brushes confuses you slightly, invest in a set of brushes from one brand that gives you one for each core purpose: powder, contour, eyeshadow, blender, eyebrow and lip. Then you can add extra brushes to your collection as you go…

Any tips of your own you feel I may have missed out? Leave a comment below and share with me if so!

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