Beanies Flavoured Coffee Review

I recently developed a very bad habit: buying Caramel Macchiatos with Oat Milk from Starbucks. A few times a week. At around£3.90 a pop. OUCH.

See the think is I’m a sucked for a sweet tasting coffee, although I never put sugar in my hot drinks. But then, get me in an expensive Starbucks or Cafe Nero, and I’m seeking out the sweetest syrups and the naughtiest, calorific orders.

As I’m pretty much working from home around 3 days a week, with roughly 2 days a week out and about in Manchester for meetings, I decided to try and curb my Starbucks addiction. Especially when there is one just a 6 minute walk away from my house…

I recently discovered Beanies Flavoured Coffee – a brand which retail jars and jars of all the flavoured instant coffees you can imagine. But the best thing about them that really caught my eye is that each serving contains around 2 calories (without milk, of course, but I don’t add much at home anyway), without any added sugar or sweeteners.

I did a bit of research into the brand before selecting a range of flavours to try out, and discovered that they are (and I quote) ‘THE flavour coffee specialists, flavour fanatics and on a mission to revolutionise the average cup of coffee.’ Sounds a good statement to me!

Beanies have been creating flavour coffee since 2009, starting with a few flavours… then adding a few more. And more…

I decided to try out the jars of the Instant Coffee first, and then also indulge in what they call the Beanies Stick Stash – which for £15, contains a random mix of 100 flavour coffee sachets!

This really stood out to me as a great idea, mainly because by having this handy box of 100 sachets of flavour instant coffee, you can bring them with you on your travels. Whether you’re on the go with work, travelling somewhere on holiday, or simply just stashing them in your office drawer, you can have instant flavoured coffee at your disposal!

But for me, as a newbie discovering Beanies, it lets me experience an array of flavours.

From the Stick Stash, I discovered an obsession with the Nutty Hazelnut and the Irish Cream instant flavour coffees… mmmmm… delicious!

In terms of the jars I picked, I went for the following: Amaretto Almond, Creamy Caramel, Very Vanilla and Mint Chocolate. Up to now, the Amaretto Almond and Very Vanilla are my favourites, but in all honesty, they all pack a real punch when it comes to a sweet, creamy flavour coffee with different hints of flavours, so it’s hard to pick for sure.

These cost just £2.50 a jar and I’m getting through them daily, but still seem to have a lot left. Winner!

I’ve also spied that Beanies now retail a Creamy Beanies all in one sachet with milk too, which sound dreamy and definitely ideal for being on-the-go. But, I spy a limited edition Pumpkin Spice coffee too. GIMME!

I wanted to put this post together to share my love for Beanies as I was shocked I hadn’t discovered them before. Since receiving my jars and sachets, I’ve been raving about them loads on Instagram and always get people DM-ing me about where to buy them from, in which I send people to the website.

If you’re a coffee lover but a sucker for a sweet flavour, without being naughty, you need these in your life…


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