Back to School Tips – What Every Parent Needs to Know


September has arrived, which mean school season is back in full swing! Yes, I may not be a parent myself, but I rallied round and got advice from various parenting source to put together a few tips on how to hack the back to school routine. And plus, it’s fair to say I’m pretty much surrounded by kids and see a lot of Mum’s struggle at this time of year.

Going back to school can become a bit stressful for everyone involved, including the kids, parents and even the teachers. Even with years of experience as a parent, it is normal to get worried when school season is about to start, especially if your kids are still young and new at schooling.

The following are back to school tips that every parent should know, which will help you prepare for the coming school year.

Get Your Kids To Follow A Routine

Schedules during the summer are usually much different compared to during the school year, but there is nothing wrong with this. Kids are really good with routines so organising a school routine is essential to keep them prepared when they will already need to go to school.

A few weeks before their classes start, get your kids used to getting up early every day as well as getting them to bed early. This will get their biological clock adjusted back to getting up earlier, and feeling well rested, for class.

Gear Up

We all know there are tons of requirements the school will have once the classes start. With this being said, always take note of what your kid will need once school is back in session. You can go shopping for school clothes, a new backpack that can hold your kid’s lunchbox and school materials, and maybe buy a set of durable shoes your kid can use for the entire school year.

Other than that, the school will most likely have a checklist, so remember to refer to it in order for you to keep an eye on your kid’s needs at school.

Encourage Independence

Of course there is no way young children can do everything on their own, but  independence appropriate for their age should be encouraged. Real life challenges allow children to learn and take care of themselves. These challenges also give your kids a true sense of accomplishment.

Some tasks that you can give them are choosing what clothes to wear, learning to get prepared themselves or just cleaning up themselves after eating. They don’t have to be perfect as these tasks, because what is important is that you’re helping them to be more independent.

Meet Your Kid’s Teacher

For your kids, one of their biggest fears when going back to school is if they will like their new teacher. The best way to calm your kid’s fears is to break that ice early. One way to do this is to attend your kid’s school’s open house or back to school night. During these days, most teachers accept calls and emails, which is a great opportunity to get to know them before classes begin.

If contacting the teacher personally is not possible, try finding the instructor’s photo on the school’s website or in an old yearbook. Doing this let’s your child put a name with a face. If the teacher sends a letter of welcome, read that letter together with your child.

Control Your Emotions

Typically, young kids experience separation anxiety when the start of school comes around. And honestly, even parents have trouble in letting their kids go to school too. In both situations, those feelings of anxiety are totally normal. One way to avoid this is to keep yourself busy while your children are gone to school. You can also read about how you can ease separation anxiety and lead a more positive life.

While all the above tips are important, you must also make it fun for your family. Continue your weekly activities and traditions, and even your sleep rituals at night. Talking together, eating together and having vacations together will all help you be connected with your children even if they will leave you for school during the mornings.


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