BAB Manchester: The Best Gourmet Kebabs in the City?

Good old BAB – officially inventing the posh kebab. I never quite thought there would be a ‘posh kebab’, to be honest. Other than those you get at The Oast House or The Botanist – but they are hanging kebabs, with no bread. So technically it’s not a proper kebab.

We all know what proper kebabs are like. Pitta or flatbread filled with dirty dripping meat, all the fried veggies, and piled high with sauces and cheese, usually consumed after a night on the ale.

Well, BAB came along last year and has revamped the meaning of the kebab. Now, we can consume gourmet kebabs, and how delightful they are!

BAB is the creation of the the team behind popular NQ bar The Pen and Pencil. They launched the fancy kebab joint alongside a new Berlin-inspired basement bar called The Honey Trap Club, both on Little Lever Street off Stevenson Square.

It’s a small door on a side street, but when you go in, it opens up to be a quirky eating space, with exposed brick walls, an open kitchen, and dim hanging lights.

Uber cool and Berlin inspired, I would say.

They came onto the scene to offer a quality, grown-up kebab concept, serving the grilled meat and non meat favourites all day long at their 60 cover restaurant with an open chargrill kitchen.

Take a look at the menu below if you can (it is dimly lit inside, so my photos aren’t the best).

As well as kebabs they offer sides/starters, including hummus, olives, octopus, greek fries, paprika fries, lamb bon bons… some decent pairings with your kebabs!

And for the non kebab types, they offer a BBQ hanger steak with greek fries, and a BAB cous cous salad, moroccan style with pomegrante, pistachio, pickled pepper and feta cheese. Mmmmmmm…

But lets have a look at the kebabs I’ve tried. So I’ve tried two of the kebabs BAB offer – one meat variety and one non-meat.

The one in the above photos is the Falafel kebab, with tomato, harissa and pistachio. It comes with a flatbread, therefore it’s not as chunky as dry as some pitta breads you can get.

The falafel was soft and delicious, tasting more like a sweet potato and chickpea falafel to me, but not too sure if it did have sweet potato in or not.

Either way, it was by one of the delicious with a combination of spicy and creamy sauces and crunchy salad.

I thoroughly enjoyed the falafel kebab, so much so that when I went back to BAB after they had launched a new menu, I wanted to order it again.

However, as reviewing restaurants is a big bulk of my job, I thought I’d keep it as fair as possible and opt to review a meat option this time around. So I went for one of the new launches, the Flat Iron Steak Kebab, with wild garlic and hazelnut, beetroot hummus and cumin beetroot.

I rarely order steak when I eat out, only occasionally, so I was intrigued to see how it would be in the form of a kebab. The flat iron steak was presented in thick cut slices, medium cooked, and easy to cut up if I wanted to.

The steak was juicy and full of flavour, it had a slightly smoked taste to it and was pretty much melt-in-the-mouth! It worked beautifully with the beetroot hummus, something I haven’t had before.

This kebab had quite a kick to it (although I avoided the chilli pepper on top!) and overall was incredibly tasty. The juciy steak worked so well with the soft and fresh flatbread and hummus flavours. A real different meal for me…

Now can we talk about the fries, please? YES! The fries here are to die for – you have to indulge in the Greek Fries, I don’t care if you’re on a diet!

These fries come piled high with feta cheese, chilli, olives and tzatziki, which are probably ideal for sharing but last time I visited I did demolish the bowl by myself. Ooops.

They crumbled feta melts into the chilli sauce and tzatziki and the whole pile up of fries turn into a creamy, spicy, rich melt. Delicious…

Prices at BAB are fairly reasonable for a quirky Northern Quarter haunt. Kebabs range from £8-£10.50, and you can rest assured you won’t be trying to hunt down a dessert from anywhere after. Your belly will be full!

Fabulous, laid-back place, great for after work kebabs and beers.

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