An Evening With Temple Spa: Spa To Go Event, London

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful Spa To Go event with the lovely beauty and wellness brand, Temple Spa.

Now if you are a regular on WhatEmmaDid or follow me on Instagram, you might know I raved about their cult facial scrub and mask: The Power Breakfast. I blogged about it here, as I truly loved the product and fell in love with the results it delivered. It honestly makes your skin super smooth and glowing right from the first go. Plus, any product that multitasks is always a winner for me…

However, that aside, I was only really familiar with The Power Breakfast. So I headed along to The Soho Hotel, London, for an evening with the founder, Liz Warom, a handful of beauty bloggers, and the rest of the lovely Temple Spa team.

The idea of the event was to introduce us to the full range of products that Temple Spa do, along with experiencing a Spa To Go evening. There are many Temple Spa specialists who travel to people’s homes, hotels, parties etc to carry out Spa To Go evenings – a perfect girly excuse to try out facials at home, experiencing all the skincare and beauty products on offer.

As well as trying out a range that suits your skin type, you get to learn about your skin by doing a full consultation on yourself. Products are passed round and talked about in-depth, so you get to gain insight into ingredients and textures.

A true skincare enthusiasts dream!

We started the evening off by going through the consultations on ourselves, and removing our makeup (if we wished to). After understanding what our skin types are, and the types of products to look out for, Liz talked us through a range of best-sellers, key products hotel spas love to use, new products, old favourites, the lot.

It was really really interesting. I had been aware of Temple Spa as a brand I spied in luxury hotels across the UK. But without trying them out before, I was keen to hear more about the hero products and beyond.

I fell in love with the In The Beginning Cleansing Balm as soon as I started to use it to cleanse off my makeup.

I usually always use Micellar Water as the main makeup remover, but wow, this balm was gentle, rich, creamy, smelt delicious… and literally removed all my makeup when massaging into the skin and using a muslin cloth.

Following our first step of cleansing, we then went on to learn about using exfoliators, face masks, moisturisers, toners and eye creams, passing products around the room. I overly enjoying getting the chance to feel the textures of them all, along with having a smell, of course! That’s always one of the best bits about discovering new products, which one has a dreamy scent!

After an insightful talk and product demonstration, it’s safe to say I had worked out which products were on my hot list. We were then treated to an incredible dinner and cocktails session, by the lovely team at The SoHo Hotel.

I was ever so lucky to be able to take home with me some of the key products that would work with my skin type, and I can happily say I’ve been giving them a go.

So here’s my favourite products from the Temple Spa range, and why I love them, I’ve left out The Power Breakfast as that one isn’t one of my newer discoveries, and you all know that I’m already sold on that one!

In The Beginning Cleansing Balm

As I mentioned before, this nourishing face balm and cleanser won be over. I love how it thoroughly cleanses and gently exfoliates at the same time, leaving a dewy complexion. It was’t drying in the slightest, which was fabulous to see.

Skin Truffle Total Facial Radiance

Now trust me to have expensive taste here. The Skin Truffle is a radiance boosting luxury face moisturiser that aims to give you complete facial rejuvenation. Plus, it’s packed with powerful anti-ageing goodness. The brand say it is their best luxury face moisturiser for wrinkles and fine lines.

I fell in love with the creamy texture and how soft and hydrated it made my skin feel. It was truly a delight to use. After using it for a few weeks, I’ve noticed it brightens up my dull skin and works on my pigmentation slowly too.

Repose Aromatherapy Relaxing Night Cream

If there is any Temple Spa product I would buy someone else as a gift, this would be it. It’s a super relaxing aromatherapy face and neck night cream. So as well as treating the skin and moisturising while you sleep, it calms your soul and relaxes the mind.

The scent is absolutely dreamy, and encourages you to fall asleep a little easier, feeling more relaxed. The skincare benefits cover everything from smoothing fine lines & wrinkles, settling marks and dull texture, and leaves you with softer, brighter skin in the morning.

This is a bedside favourite of mine, and I actually look forward to applying it to my face at night! It’s like aromatherapy at home in a pot…

I would say they are my 3 key hero products, but some others I am currently trying are close contenders.

For example, the Windows of the Soul Eye Cream is a lovely brightening and soothing eye cream, and the Toning Essence Mist Tonic is a really wonderful prep product for the skin before applying moisturiser.

To be honest, I’m that much enjoying working my through this gorgeous spa brand, my top 3 will probably change next week!

Have you tried Temple Spa products? If so, do let me know your favourites too. If you do decide to shop the brand, you can use code whatemmadid20 for 20% off and free standard delivery, too!

You can check out the entire range over at the Temple Spa website.

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