Alice Temperley for Twinings

 A few weeks ago, I heard that iconic British tea brand Twinings has collaborated with fashion designer Alice Temperley, producing an exclusive print used to create a unique scarf. Well, I’m a big tea drinker, and a bit of a designer label fan when the pennies allow me to be, so when I heard about this news my ears opened up…
The beautifully designed limited edition Temperley for Twinings scarf is the first product in the range to be created featuring the hand illustrated print. And there has only been 1,000 made, so I guess I am pretty lucky to recieve one! The thing I love about this scarf and it’s design is that it actually reflects the history of the Twinings tea brand….

The design shows the orginal journey of Twinings Earl Grey blend in 1831 from its origin in China, to it’s Twinings store in London. The intricate background highlights the key ingredients to Earl Grey tea – the bergamot plant and oil, which is believed to give the blend it’s special and unique taste. It also touches on elements of the the sea voyage itself in the nautical compass and the wave inspired border.

It’s lovely how two british brands have got together in celebrating Temperley’s 10th Anniversary with the creation of a staple wardrobe piece. Temperley and Twinnings both share the integral values of timeless elegance, exquisite craftsmanship, and a strong English heritage.

I’ll be wearing my scarf with true British pride!

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