Accessory + Detail Trends for 2020/2021

If accessorising is your thing, you may be keen to know what the trends for autumn/winter 2020 are shaping up to be, and going into 2021 too.

When you say ‘accessories’, some people instantly think of jewellery. While jewellery certainly is an accessory, I like to think of accessories as anything that creates details and ‘extras’ to your look. Anything that sits away from your too and trousers, or your long flowing maxi dress.

Jewellery, hats, scarves, watches, headbands and brooches are all classed as accessories and details – items which ‘dress up’ your look without relying on your main outfit.

Take a look at some of the trends to shape up the rest of the year and into next…

1. Delicate and Minimal

When looking at jewellery, next year will see a spike in delicate, minimal jewellery which adds a touch of luxe. It’s all about premium and high quality finishings, so tiny diamonds, long fine chains and white gold bands are leading the way when it comes to jewellery.

Diamonds or other mini stones will be kept clear and fuss-free, cut into small square shapes and standing on their own.

Plus, wedding ring tech trends regarding diamonds will also be coming through, which points to Laboratory-made diamonds. This means you now have a more eco-friendly option for adding that dazzle and sparkle to your look. This way, the diamonds didn’t go through the mining process as these diamonds were made in the laboratory.

As more individuals start to get conscious about their impacts on the environment, more and more couples are set to choose this more sustainable option of diamonds, too. Just remember, smaller is better.

2. Rose Gold Finish

Rose gold is going nowhere fast, after years of dominating the jewellery, accessories and homewear sphere. It’s also known as pink gold, blush, blush gold or even red gold. Those who want to know how it is properly formed should know that it is a gold alloy made from a combination of gold and copper. It’s much loved because it gives a warm, blush hue, which adds depth to jewellery and metallic finished.

It’s become a staple across the fashion industry for looking a little more stylish and sleek. If you’re not sure how to incorporate it into your accessorising, then a good place to start is with a watch. A favourite brand of mine for offering rose gold watches is Nordgreen, who retail a women’s rose gold watch collection which are extremely elegant. The pink toned gold finishing gives that combination look of copper and gold, and can be worn on mesh style straps on as detailing on leather strap watched.

The best thing about these women’s rose gold watches is that they fall in line with the minimal trend as mentioned above. Nordgreen keep their watch designs minimalist and chic, providing just enough detail to compliment a finished outfit. You can check out their Rose Gold Watches here.

3. Nostalgic pieces

The third trend that is expected to be big for accessories next year and throughout the rest of 2020 is accessories and decorative pieces that connect us with those childhood memories. This means vintage inspirations and classic elements from centuries ago.

Think retro tones and chunky shapes, like bum-bag style bags that fasten around waists, and bulkier rucksacks with various zip up compartments. Lunchbox style cases to carry out lunch around or double us as a bag will be coming through, along with head bands in smooth velour and allow for embellishments.

4. Single Style Bags

Accessories are getting smaller for 2020/2021, which gives a nod not only to the minimalist trend, but also to encourage having excessive waste. You’ll see a boom in small bags for one single use, like carrying water bottles and dedicated bottle holders, AirPod cases, shoulder bags that snugly fit just your mobile phone into the pouch, and little purses to carry cards and coins.

5. Neck Ties

Smartening up the scarf trend comes neck ties, and this time around they are short in size to provide a neat, tidy little finish. Square style scarves can be folded neatly and wrapped around the neck once, secured with a little knot tie.

These will be best one in one chic block colour to keep in with a simplistic theme and to avoid clashing colours or loud prints. Navy, grey, cream and ochre shades are big for early 2021, adding that pop of style and sleek tailoring without having to ‘do much’.

Overall, accessories and details are best kept as low-key and simple as possible, but to serve a purpose at the same time. Rose gold adds class and luxury, while nostalgic pieces adds practicality and fun. If you think I have left any key trends out, feel free to let me know in the comments!

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