Accessorising Your Wedding Dress: 3 Pieces You Cannot Do Without

A massive sigh of relief. That is what most brides feel when they have finally made the all-important decision on what gown to wear to their wedding.

However, what they often forget is their shopping challenge doesn’t end when they have their dress. In fact, many brides also accessorise their wedding gown with the pieces discussed below. As some of you may know, I’ve just recently got engaged, and after doing lots of wedding dress research (eager, I know!) I realised there are 3 main items that are pretty essential. Read on to find out more… 

A magical and delicate veil 

One of the most traditional items for accessorising a wedding dress is a veil. A piece of sheer material that is often worn over the face, or can go behind the neck, depending on the brides choice. If you wish to wear it over your face, it allows the partner of the bride to lift it once she gets to the altar. 

Of course, choosing the right veil can be a headache! The reason being that there are so many options available. Although, recently with the rising popularity of vintage style 50s and 60s dresses, birdcage and shorter veils are in vogue. Then you have the more traditional veils in cathedral lengths, often with lace around the edge, a look that can create a classy and dramatic effect.  

Alternatively, you may wish to go for one of the more cutting edge styles in veils. These being items like the cape veil. A piece that doesn’t go over the head at all, but instead covers the shoulders. 

You may even wish to try a draped veil. Which is secure to the bride’s hair with combs leaving an arch in between. Both of these being options that can help to elevate your dress and make your look that little bit more fashion-forward. 

Your engagement ring 

Next, as tradition dictates, most brides choose to wear their engagement rings with their wedding dress. Although it will need to be swapped to the other hand to make way for the exchanging of wedding rings during the ceremony. 

Obviously, you will likely have chosen your engagement ring well before you buy your dress. In fact, as it is a piece that needs to look great on your wedding day and well as on any other regular day in your life, it is wise to consider this purchase carefully. 

To that end, it is well worth discussing things with your partner beforehand and mentioning that you want to be a part of the selection processes. Additionally, preparing yourself for this experience by researching different terms such as GIA Certified Diamonds, and the various cuts that are available is smart. Then when it comes to selecting a piece that will work with your wedding dress, but also in your everyday life, you will be in a much better position. 

The perfect pair of shoes  

Unless you opt for a hippy style barefoot wedding, you are going to need some shoes to go with your dress. In fact, some brides get more excited about this part of their outfit than any other. After all, what better excuse to treat yourself to a designer pair than getting married?

I know I’m going to save up for a designer pair of shoes, and opt to shop for them in the January sales – going all out with a top designer I think! I mean, I’ll never get the chance to do it again!

Remember too that your shoes are a part of your wedding outfit that you use to express a bit of whimsy and personality. With some brides going for all-over crystals and others choosing their shoes as their something blue. The latter being an option that can set off both long and short wedding dresses surprisingly well. 

Let the dress shopping begin!

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