A Walk Down Lovers’ Lane: Fun Date Ideas in California

It’s so much easier now to find our perfect matches. That is thanks to the many avenues we can take up to extend our search.

These days, we are inundated with dating sites, personal matchmaking services, soirees- all of these and more can be used to locate that one person we have the potential to spend forever with.

Now, say we’ve found the person and that we’re deeply enamored with them now. They’re attractive to us in any way possible. What we feel now may not necessarily be the same a couple of months or years down the line.

That’s the problem in this case- keeping the flame alive. It’s difficult, but people have done it before. A sure way to keep the romance alive for months or even years to come is by going on the occasional dates, where nothing else matters but how much you’re enjoying spending time together.

Here are a few fun date ideas for people living in California.

Bring Out the Child in You

California is home to several amusement parks that any person, young adult or not, can thoroughly enjoy. Some noteworthy examples are Six Flags and Disneyland Park. You may have visited a few, if not all, of these parks before. They’re also time-consuming and a bit pricey, but they’re the perfect venues where you and your partner can unleash the inner children in you.

You two can spend the day under the sun, catch up during the long lines, and scream and laugh to your heart’s content. If you need a break from the enjoyment, parks like Disneyland have a wide array of food stalls to choose from. The rides can be put on hold while you go food tripping instead.

Get Reacquainted With Nature

Dates can often dub as moments we can use to get away from the stresses of everyday life. And what is a better way to do so than spending it in nature alongside your favorite person?

If you and your partner are into athletic activities or wish to be more active, you should know that California is blessed when it comes to beautiful, if a bit challenging hiking trails. The Yosemite Falls Trail is a great example since the first half going to Columbia Rocks can be managed even by beginners. Things only get more challenging in the second half, where hikers begin to ascend to get to the Yosemite Falls part of the hiking trail.

See the World in Bird’s Eye View

Ever wonder what it feels like to go on a helicopter ride? What does it feel like to see the different parts of your city in another light? Well, you won’t have to wonder for much longer since there are numerous heli-ride services available in the market.

Your choice ultimately depends on two factors: your budget and the places that you want a tour of. A popular option for locals and tourists alike is the tour of Hollywood, Malibu, and Los Angeles. It is a 45-minute tour that showcases these iconic locations, starting from the Santa Monica Pier or the Hawthorne Airport.

It isn’t something that most people can do regularly, considering how expensive this option is. But that’s what makes these helicopter rides more memorable, that it’s a special kind of treat for you and your partner.

Money can sometimes play a critical role in the dates that we go on with our partners. However, it shouldn’t dictate how much fun we have on these trips. If we take into consideration both our and our partners’ interests, even the most budget-friendly date ideas can feel like a million bucks.

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