A Guide to Honeymooning in the Maldives

The Maldives has become a popular destination for honeymooners purely due to it’s luxurious setting and beautiful weather. They say that as soon as you step off the plane in the Maldives, you instantly know you’re in paradise.

The Maldives is an area with a scattering of 1,190 islands, which all have the whitest sand. Aside from that, you’ll be blown away by the almost-surreal crystal-clear blue sea. Put it one way: you’ll be very hard-pushed to discover anywhere quite as tranquil and pretty as this Indian Ocean favourite.

The seas around the Maldives are filled with colourful corals and some of the most exotic fish you could ever dream of seeing. See what we mean when we say it’s just like paradise?

If you’re after a premium experience and an emphasis on romance, a Maldives honeymoon should be on your list. Read on to see a little more on why a trip to the maldives will be as beautiful and memorable as possible.

Where to Go in the Maldives?

Each resort in the Maldives is on its own private island (there are just 200 of them which are big enough to be inhabitable). Most people come here to lap up the luxuries from the 5* hotels and stunning beaches, , but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend some time on the mainland or hopping between different reefs.

If you’re looking to do Maldives on a tighter budget, places like Malé and the Ari atolls have lots of smaller guesthouses. You could do a little bit of Hotel-hopping if you have the time, or even look at adding in some unusual options, like is trying an overwater villa.

One place in particular that caught my eye is Anantara Kihavah – a gorgeous honeymoon style hotel located on a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, surrounded with luxurious villas and private infinity pools. I mean, everyone wants to capture that posing photo in the infinity pool with a glass of champers and a new husband to show off, right?

Here, you can enjoy the ultimate romantic dinner experience which takes place beneath the ocean’s surface. It even allows you to explore the world’s first underwater wine cellar at Sea in the in-house underwater restaurant. Now that will give you beautiful photos that not many people will be able to compete with!

At night, you can take a soak in a private tub under the stars, surrounded by swaying coral and darting fish below. This hotel also ensures a wonderful Villa Host is available 24 hours a day, so you’ll never be without anything!

You can book direct with the hotel to receive the lowest price offering, also with the advantage of up to 40% off the fantastic facilities, with fabulous services.

I’m sure the photos are making you desperate to visit! To me, it looks like paradise on a postcard, and only somewhere I’d see in those travel dreams I have!

When Should You Go to the Maldives?

Remember that the Maldives isn’t called a place of paradise for nothing – that is why it’s hot and sunny all-year round!

The temperature stays pretty constant around 30 degrees, but the best weather is between November and April when the wild and aquatic life will also be flourishing. Always remember that each archipelago is its own micro-climate so you can get good and bad days whatever time of year you go.

If you want to ensure you stay in a place that lets you really make the most of the glorious sun, you should look for a place right on the doorstep to an exotic beach, perhaps complete with a tropical lagoon. Sound interesting?

This is where I’d love to recommend Lily Beach Resort & Spa, Maldives all-inclusive five-star resort. This amazing Lily Beach Resort is nestled on its own private island and surrounded by the warm, crystal waters of the Indian Ocean, meaning you can sit on the sun-drenched grounds, sipping a Cosmopolitan and gazing out at the clear waters.

In a nusthell, if you want the laziest and relaxing hassle-free honeymoon experience, this is the one. All you have to worry about is who is going to shimmy over and hand deliver your next tipple!

The luxury villas available at Lily Beach Resort & Spa make one of the best choices for honeymooners and first-timers to the maldives. This place sits amongst the lush vegetation which gives you a shaded deck area, right beside the Indian Ocean. And as I mentioned a tropical lagoon, the Lagoon Villas offer a private terrace, outdoor Jacuzzi bathtub, and direct access to the resort’s sparkling tropical lagoon.

Sheer heaven!

What is There to See in the Maldives?

Most honeymoon couples flock here to get the best scenic views they can set their eyes on. The beaches are unrivalled, with the most powder like sand sliding between your toes. Plus, the horizon gives the most magical blend of blue shades, offering incredible sunsets.

Many people comes here for the diving and snorkelling experiences too. Here, you are among some of the best in the world due to the clear waters.

You’ll find lots of marine specialists attached to the hotels who are happy to talk through the conservation efforts and the aquatic highlights of the area. Head out deeper from your hotel and you’ll find manta rays, turtles, whale sharks – and even hammerheads in some locations!

Overall, the Maldives offers the most idyllic surroundings for newlyweds who want to savour those intimate times after getting wed in the most unique and serene environments. The above are just some of the reasons why the Maldives is rated as one of the world’s best honeymoon destinations!

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