8 Tried-and-Tested Secrets of Buying Perfect Engagement Rings

Picking the perfect ring for your partner can be an exciting and wonderful feeling. However, that does not mean that there aren’t any pitfalls. People routinely get influenced and end up buying engagement rings that they cannot afford or don’t really like.

If you are buying an engagement ring, then you and your partner should absolutely love how it looks. That’s non-negotiable. To make sure that happens, the following are 8 secrets to buying perfect engagement rings.

Forget the Grades and Numbers for a While

When you inspect a ring, it’s important to free yourself from the numbers. During visual inspection, forget the price, diamond grade, carat, and other units. In other words, don’t be influenced by specifications. Your aim at this point should be to find the most beautiful ring and nothing else. Once you shortlist the engagement rings based on beauty, then go into the details.

Take Your Partner’s Preference into Consideration

Finding something your partner loves can be tricky. Checkout the rings she already owns or strike up a casual conversation about her style preference. Don’t talk about ring styles as it can be a dead giveaway. Instead, understand whether she loves traditional designs or something off beat. Knowing your partner’s preferences is critical. For example, a person who loves simplistic designs would prefer a solitaire engagement ring with a thin band.

Diamond Size is Not As Important

Even though there is barely any difference in size, the cost of a 2.8 carat engagement ring is significantly lower than a 3 carat ring. That’s because people are too concerned about size and 3 carat sounds a lot better than 2.8. While buying an engagement ring with a large stone is great, there are other parameters such as cut and clarity.

Borrow Your Partner’s Ring to Get the Size Right

It can be embarrassing if you pop the question in front of everyone and the ring doesn’t fit. To avoid that, borrow a ring your partner wears regularly and bring it along when buying the ring. No need to measure her ring finger with a thread when she is sleeping.

Semi-Precious Stones Are Also Worth Exploring

There are plenty of alternative gemstone engagement rings that not only look more beautiful than most diamond rings but are also more affordable. Check out stones such as peridot, emerald, sapphire, and fire opal.

Explore Different Metal Choices

Who says platinum is the only metal for engagement rings. There are plenty of other metals that are just as good or even better. For example, titanium is just as beautiful as platinum and it’s significantly more durable. Titanium is also much more affordable. Materials such as 18K gold and rose gold are also good choices for people who don’t want a white band.

Ask for Gemological Lab Reports and Hallmarks

Look for Hallmark sign on the ring. This proves the authenticity of the metal used to craft the ring. Gemological reports from reputed labs are proof of the quality and grade of the gemstone. Even if you choose to order UK engagement rings online, ensure it comes with all the certificates.

Set a Budget, but Be Slightly Flexible

It’s important to set a budget, but avoid being too rigid. Be prepared to shell out a few hundred bucks more than what you originally intended for that perfect ring. However, we suggest not carrying a credit card as it leads people to overspend and end up buying something they cannot afford.

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