8 Amazing Gifts for Guys Who Love Football and Sports

Finding the perfect gift is no simple task. While it is definitely a little easier to buy gifts for the people who have very specific interests or hobbies, it is still not an exact science. You don’t want to get the same old item or something that everybody else could think of.

So for the guys who love football, there is so much to choose from when you know how. But how can you decide on the most heartfelt and interesting gift when so much is out there?

Stadium tours, tickets to games, or team t-shirts might be a few options, but they’re easy to think of. Exploring ideas that they would never think to receive would make them much more excited.

Make your football-loving guy’s birthday, Christmas, or another event special with one of these eight gifts that will make them smile.

Retro Football Game

If he loves to watch football or play football, he will absolutely love to get in on a video game that is themed to his favorite sport. Both young and old fans will get excited about a retro handheld football game they can play anywhere, any time!

This is a revamped version of an original retro game that everyone will want to get their hands on. Players can pretend they are out on the field with the team but will really be playing at home or on the go!

This fun device makes it easy to move around the electronic field and tackle opponents to score a win. They can enjoy this fun little unique game for hours on end.

Fitbit Charge 3

For your guy that loves to get out on the football field or maintain his fitness in general, a pedometer will make his life a little simpler.

According to Healthcare Weekly, wearing a pedometer can really boost health and well-being by tracking daily fitness activity from intense exercise to simply walking.

The Fitbit Charge 3 is a great slim option that tracks and helps users achieve fitness goals. Users can track their daily step count, heart rate, and distance traveled by looking at their wrist.

You can choose any colored band for a little touch of personality. There might even be one to match their favorite team!

They can connect their Fitbit to a smartphone to receive notifications while they are away from the phone.

Staying fit can be much easier for your favorite football fan with the right pedometer.

Custom Football Jersey

They probably have a regular jersey to show support for their favorite team, but they definitely don’t have one with their own name on it!

You can make your loved one feel like a part of the team with their own personalised football Jersey.

All you have to do is pick their favorite football team, enter their last name and select the right size to get the perfect custom jersey. There are so many places that offer this if you look online. If you’re on a budget, you can find cheap soccer jerseys online too which don’t have to be personalised, but could be a retro design from past eras, or anything else that has that special touch.

They’ll love showing their support at games with their own special jersey and showing off the gift you gave them to their friends and fellow fans.

Compartmentalised Gym Bag

Trips to the gym require many items. Help them stay fit for games more easily with a bag that suits their every need.

A gym bag with pockets for just about everything will give them the space they need to bring every item required for a successful workout.

Complete with a sneaker pocket, tablet sleeve, and a water bottle holder, as well as the big pocket for a change of clothes or towel, will make the gym much more enjoyable.

They’ll also be rocking the weight room in style with the sleek pattern it comes in. They can show up to games with the bag too because it can easily fit the gear needed for football.

Kool8 Reusable Water Bottle

Fitness requires hydration, especially during intense games with a lot of action. A plastic water bottle just won’t hold enough fluid to get them through a game.

A reusable bottle like Kool8 can hold their favorite sports drink and keep it cold while it sits for them on the bench. It is insulated for temperature control that works for the whole day.

The sleek and durable stainless steel makes this a great choice for the football lover who is constantly on the move. They won’t have to worry much about wear and tear.

Even if they don’t play the sport, this bottle comes in vibrant colors that might even match their favorite team so they can show their support on game day. They can kick their feet up and enjoy the game along with their favorite beverage out of a Kool8 bottle.

Signature Series Football

Football fans love collectible items from their favorite teams. A collectible football featuring the logo of their favorite team would definitely make an impression.

The logo is printed on to last, so it can be kept safe in a case or played with for hours of fun. 

The ball is also an NFL regulation size to give them a taste of what it’s like to be on the real team. These collectible items are inscribed with facts about the team, like Superbowl wins and championship titles.

Think of how awesome they will feel showing off a collectible ball to their friends!

Coffee Brewing Machine

Help your favorite football fan get a boost of energy to start any day for playing sports or watching those long football games! 

A fresh cup of coffee brewed at home can make it easy to stay awake and energized.

Cool Things Chicago suggests the Nespresso brewer for delicious espresso at the push of a button. They’ll get the morning jolt or afternoon pick-me-up with ease!

Tasty espresso has never been so easy!

Echo Show 5

While a large, flatscreen TV is the preferred method for at-home game watching, they are not portable for bathroom breaks or trips to get snacks in the kitchen.

With an Echo Show 5, your favorite fan can stream any game from any room handsfree. They can just ask Alexa to play anything they want from their favorite channel.

This also has so many other features like video calling and notifications of events. Life can be so much easier with a little help from Alexa.

Football fans are easy to please with the right gift. Give them something they can use every day for maximum enjoyment!

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