7 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Aren’t Cheesy

Whether you are married, just started dating or have been together for what feels like forever (long term relationships can totally do that to us!), it’s important to keep things feeling a little exciting. It’s far too easy to get stuck into ruts, where nights out together merge into slobbinb out infront of the TV,

However, the other extreme can be people assuming they have to do the stereotypical ‘date nights’. Cue a candlelit dinner at a fancy (in other words, expensive) restaurant with a bouquet of roses and a bottle of wine.

Lets be realistic, we don’t need to book into a restaurant that is over rated and filled with 100 other couples to celebrate Valentines day together with our other half. You can be a little more unique with Valentines gifts, and Valentines day experiences for that matter.

It’s all about remembering how lucky you are to have your partner, and creating new memories together. So this year, why not think outside the box a little? I mean, away from the box of chocolates as well! (sorry!). And on that note: Netflix and chill also doesn’t count!

Here are 7 out-of-the-box Valentines date ideas

Listen to live music

This doesn’t mean you have to panic to book tickets to see your favourite band who might happen to be performing on Valentines weekend. Because in reality, they probably won’t be! It does mean that you could search for a speakeasy style bar/club that features a swing band in your nearest city, or even hunting down a pub or bar who has live music acts on often.

If your local pub has a live band playing on the Friday or Saturday night, why not head down, order your favourite tipple each, and just focus on the music, have a good chat, and have a stroll back home.

Take a class together

It doesn’t have to be something soppy and romantic! Why not look at ways to learn sometimes together and see each other in a new setting? This can feel just as romantic as candlelight and fancy food.

There are so many fun and unique classes around, which can offer a class for a couple of hours, or even turn into a short adult course. This could be anything from Thai cooking, life drawing, a pottery class or a photography class.

Breakfast date

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Now imagine enjoying them together in a lovely little cafe bar on a Saturday morning with bottomless coffee, stacks of toast, and a quaint atmosphere.

Most of us probably spend our breakfasts at home with our other halves, unless away on holiday, so a trip out in the morning can be really nice! Of course, there are other ways of doing this. Why not plan a coffee run before work together, which will set up the whole day to feel extra special and more exciting than your typical weekday. If it’s before work, you could even enjoy your morning coffees chilling out in bed wearing your Valentines lingerie!

Having that bonding time in the morning will make you even more excited to see each other at the end of the day.

If you’re doing the coffee run you can even write a Valentines Day message on his paper cup. Awwwww!

Be tourists together

In the mood for a little adventure on Valentines day that doesn’t involve spending a lot of money or travelling far? Research into your city’s local museums or favorite tourist sites. You’ll find that there are lots of museums that have cafes and shops inside them too, where you can a little day of it. Also, many of them will have Valentine’s Day specials (cheaper tickets!) or events (cocktail hour while you browse modern art?).

On the other hand, there are more active and fun tourist things you can do together in your local town or city. What about a theme park? Or something a little Adrenalin pumping in the sense of an indoor climbing wall, or even a trampoline centre!

Movie marathon night

So I know I said no Netflix and Chill, and I do still mean this! But if you’re both a pair of lazy potatoes and you really do just want to stay in, switc h it uo and throw it back to a marathon of films. How about films from the year you got together? Starting with one you saw at the cinema together?

Make it feel more exciting than just a typical TV night by cooking a homemade dinner together, or order from all your favorite takeout restaurant. You can create the cinema experience too by getting in popcorn, chocolate, and wine.

Take a random trip

Be spontaneous and book a random last minute trip! In fact, many of the best trips come together last minute. Look for a sneaky trip to a town about an hour away for the chance to do some exploring, and the luxury of staying in a hotel.

Even better, make it one where you have to jump on the train with your luggage, making it feel like a real travel experience. Whether you want to see all the sites and experience new things, or you end up staying in the hotel the entire time, a night away from home will reconnect you and build memories you will never forget.

Channel your inner child

If being playful and having fun sounds more appealing much than getting all dressed up for a sophisticated evening, consider some old school ‘fun’ activities. We’re thinking of roller skating, bowling, or ice skating!

These help channel your inner-child, and are usually quite cheap and don’t often need booking in advance (although some do, so do check!). You can either get all romantic by holding hands when skating, or get competitive during a game of bowling.

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  1. January 25, 2020 / 11:33 am

    I like the idea of the breakfast date. I do lunch a brunch with my hubby.

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