7 Things You Can Do To Tackle Travel Burnout

Travel burnout is a serious issue that affects travellers far and wide. While it’s most common among people travelling alone and long-term, it can hit no matter who you are, where you are, or how long you’ve been away from home for.

Sometimes the exhaustion comes on gradually, while other times it does so suddenly, leaving you feeling agitated, anxious, and even hostile towards the people and the place around you.

The upset and stress that this can cause are easily enough to ruin your trip. To have a happier time away, here are seven ways to tackle travel burnout. 

1. Learn About The Destination

Travel burnout prevention should begin long before you even pack your bags. By researching your holiday destination, you can form realistic expectations for your time away. This allows you to avoid the disappointment you might have felt upon discovering that city or country isn’t quite how you expected.

If you were ever to get into an emergency, having knowledge of the area might mean that you could help yourself, or, at the very least, summon the help that you need. 

2. Keep To A Routine

When you arrive at a new place, even one only a few hundred miles from home, it’s easy to lose touch of your usual routine. You might skip a meal or two, head to bed later than you usually would, or skip your daily workout. If being on holiday stops you from sticking to the routines from back home, then you need to form new ones.

This will provide you with a sense of familiarity, even in such a foreign place. A routine will reduce the stress that you put your body under too. 

3. Spend Time Being Active

Everyone knows that exercise is vital in maintaining good physical health, but it has positive benefits for the mind too. When you exercise, it triggers the release of chemicals that boost mood and fight feelings of stress. Because of this, you must remember to pack your gym clothes and air max 90 sneakers when you go away.

If you’re staying in a hotel with a workout space, then take advantage of it, but, if you’re not, you can see the sights while running. 

4. Connect With Loved Ones

Being away from home can make you miss your family and friends more than ever. While you surely want to see the world, that doesn’t mean you want to be disconnected from those you love.

Although some people find that talking to their loved ones makes them even more homesick, most people benefit from a quick phone call. This will offer you peace of mind that they’re okay without you, as well as a much-needed boost when you’re feeling a little down. 

5. Indulge In Home Comforts

While you probably miss them the most, it’s not just loved ones that we hate to go without when on holiday. There are many things that you might miss, from your favourite blanket to the coffee shop down the road.

Rather than spend your entire time away submerged in new experiences, you should indulge in home comforts now and then. You could visit a Starbucks, for example, or cook your favourite meal. You can even bring that blanket that you love so much away with you.

6. Give Yourself A Break

You may be travelling, but that doesn’t mean you should have to spend each minute of each day out and about. When you’re constantly on the move, you’ll exhaust yourself quickly.

There is no shame in taking a day to relax, especially if you’ve been travelling with a group. We only have so much energy in our social batteries, so give yours some time to charge by watching television or reading a book. Even sleeping is productive if it helps you to feel happier and more energised. 

7. Decide To Go Home

No matter where you are in the world, home is only a flight away. Although most people wouldn’t want to cut their trip short, if you’re really not having a good time, then there’s no reason why you should carry on.

Before you pack your bags, however, you should stick out the trip for a few more days. Most of the time, you bounce back and won’t need to go home. If your mental health is still suffering after that time, then cancelling the holiday is probably the best thing to do. 

Travel burnout can affect anyone, so keep it from ruining your trip by following the advice above. 

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