6 Versatile Pieces For Your Summer 2020 Wardrobe

When I shop for clothing, which hasn’t been often due to lockdown, I usually think about the longevity of each piece I buy. Will it last me until next Summer? What about the Summer after that? Could it be layered up or stripped back to get wear during other seasons?

Can this item work well for daytime and for evening? There is lots to think about when it comes to building key foundation pieces for your wardrobe, especially when you are shopping for the Summer season. In the UK, we’re not really even in the Summer season for that long (or at least it never feels like it with Manchester’s unpredicatable weather), so it’s worth thinking about getting hold of items which can lend themselves to be being dressed up and dressed down.

I like to call them investment pieces, not just ‘one hit wonders’ or those fast fashion trends.

So below, I’m sharing six key summer items which are super versatile and also make great go-to pieces. Invest in these for your capsule Summer wardrobe and you shouldn’t struggle with pulling off outfits!

Floaty White Dress

I say floaty, because there’s something about volume sleeves and loose fitting dress styles that never really go out of fashion. Just above the knee and with long sleeves is a great style for the Summer, but if you’re more of a midi or maxi dress girl, you can always try to seek a longer length.

The great thing about floaty white dresses is that you can pair with flat sandals and a cute straw bag on those real sunny days, or throw over a denim jacket and ankle boots if you want a little more of a cover up.

Silver Jewellery

Some people are either a silver person or a gold person, but a lot tend to sit in the middle and adapt due to the occasion or their mood. However, silver holds it’s versatility a little easier, and can lend itself to different skin tones and outfit colour palettes more. Also, silver always comes across as classy and premium, whereas some shades of gold can pass off as brassy and cheap (depending on the carat).

In your Summer shop, it’s worth investing in silver jewellery that will work with strappy tops, hair scraped up and rolled up sleeves. So think collar necklaces, small drop earrings and dainty bracelets. Aim for a Modern Vintage Style to ensure that your jewellery is never going to date.


Mules are huge news right now, but the good news is, they never really date. While they are having their big moment, it’s worth investing in a pair or two which can let your feet breathe this summer, while looking chic and stylish.

The best news is that mules look better the lower the heel, so either a small kitten heel or a flat mule will work wonders. The relief that gives your sweaty summer feet, too!

They look modern and fresh in shades of cream, nude, beige, grey and black, and look chic with denim shorts, maxi dresses and even swimwear and a sassy kimono on holiday.

Cropped Denim Trousers

If you can’t show some ankle off in the Summer, then when can you? Ankle cut denim jeans can come out all year round as they always look fabulous with trainers, but particularly in the Summer, you can pull off wearing them with open toe sandals and other prettier shoes.

The beauty of cropped denim trousers is that you can team them up with a relaxed fit t-shirt, a fitted strappy top, or even a casual jumper if there’s a slight breeze. Weather getting hot but don’t want to bear your legs? Keep the ankle grazers on and wear a bandeau, too!

You can even choose styles with rips in them if you want to get a little more air to your legs.

Neutral Colour T-Shirt

Nothing is a more staple Summer wardrobe item that a feminine, soft cotton t-shirt or a fresh silk tank top. Choose a neutral colour and you’ll never struggle to style it up!

A neutral t-shirt (or tank top) in beige, white, grey, navy, black or cream will work wonders with a blazer over the top, a denim jacket, paired up with a pencil skirt, little shorts or jeans. You basically will never struggle with them, I promise!

Then when winter comes, you can layer them up, or wear underneath your jumpers for a more snuggly feel.

White Button Down Shirt

Shirts shouldn’t be seen as ‘work wear’, because a crisp white shirt can look super stylish for weekend wear or for those lazy summer days.

Think about all the many different ways you can style a plain white shirt: tuck it in, tie in up, leave it out, half in half out…. endless styling opportunities! Next, think about what you can team it up with. Skinny jeans, high waisted jeans, loose fit jeans, leggings, 3/4 trousers, midi skirts, shirts, dungarees, blazers, jumpers….

One of my favourite ways to wear a white shirt is to use it as a throw over for bikinis and swimming costumes.

So there you have it: 6 summer essentials for your wardrobe. Summer fashion doesn’t have to include fast fashion trends, you can easily shop for classic basics that can see you through the Summer, year after year.

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