6 Things Worth Knowing About A Career In The Beauty Industry

Over the years, the beauty industry has grown incredibly fast. And I’m going to start this blog post off with something positive that has been circling around the business/industry news sites for the past few months: the beauty industry is booming more than ever. So if you want to step into this area for your career, it’s potentially a wise move.

Back in the day, it was unlikely that you’d call yourself a make-up artist or nail technician. You would tend to be a ‘jack of all trades’, doing a bit of everything at a beauty salon. But nowadays, it is most common to introduce yourself this way, as each role within beauty has evolved to become its very own work of art. 

Makeup artistry is a skill in itself, as is hair styling, nails, spray tanning, facials, aesthetics, massage and beyond.

Alongside running What Emma Did as a full-time blogger and social media influencer, I specialise in bridal makeup. I try to do around 2/3 weddings a month, so it doesn’t take over. But the beauty of it is, I could completely step it up if I wanted to. There is a demand for bridal makeup artists in salons and freelance,just as there is for facialists, nail technicians and hair specialists too.

There are, however, a number of things I wish I was told in more detail before starting out in this industry. So with this in mind, whilst this industry is booming, here are 6 things you might not know if you haven’t worked in the beauty industry before:

1. The beauty industry is competitive 

It’s no secret that the number of beauty therapists, make-up artists and nail technicians is increasing by the year. Instagram and YouTube has helped people self-teach themselves too, which has seen an even bigger increase. Because of this, it gets harder to prove yourself and to be the best in your field.

The only tip here is to try to stay on top of your game and be competitive. Invest in top up lessons when you can to stay ahead, or provide an extra service which offers you a bit more. 

2. Have all your admin and ‘important stuff’ covered

Price lists, quotations, invoices, terms and conditions, insurance, documents and contracts all come into place if you are working in the beauty industry, either freelance or salon based. It’s often seen as the ‘dull stuff’ in an industry that is so creative, but it’s literally the backbone of your business. 

No matter what your specialist area, you need a good quality,personalised hair and beauty cover for insurance. I have this for being a mobile makeup artist, and it’s vital. You’ll also find that if you chose to join any companies that need freelancers for day jobs, they won’t touch you without this. 

There are also so many different ways you can create invoices or keep or top of earnings.I found that to help me out, Direct Line for Business has a fantastic Knowledge Centre with so many guides and tips about starting a beauty career, which was great for me to turn to when I wanted to search for some professional advice. 

3. Social Media Marketing is your best friend

Getting your foot in this industry takes hard work, but these days, you’ll grow much quicker if you can master the art of social media. It’s the key platform now to advertise your services and products. It takes skill to understand who your target market is and how to attract them, but usually, women aged between 18-40 are very active on social media, and are available to reach through Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, if you get it right!

Facebook adverts are brilliant as you can set up an ad outlining what you do (for example, with me, I set up an ad which says Cheshire Bridal Makeup Artist. and target women aged 21-45 in Cheshire who are engaged). After zooming in on your actual audience, you’ll be seen on Facebook to your potential customer base.

Instagram is also fantastic – you can use the platform as a visual portfolio, as well as to host quick tutorial videos or flash offers. 

4. Have a go at the wider marketing techniques

Blogger outreach is a fantastic way to get yourself heard, if you target bloggers in your desired area. Many of them will be happy to receive a complimentary treatment in return for promoting your business. Influencers are known for creating inspiring content, so you can usually rely on excellent content which you can then also re-use. 

Try looking at video platforms too, such as YouTube tutorials which you can share on your website and social media channels. People love to learn, and if they are finding themselves learning from you, they’ll be keen to book in with you!

5. Demanding clients can be daunting

But one can always learn from these experiences. It is good to know how people can differ, and remember, the one thing with beauty treatments is that a lot of it is down to personal preference. 

As long as you are professional and carry out your very best work on each and every client, you can be confident you have done a great job. Stay calm. Give the clients what they want (within reason, of course). Be willing to make an exception here and there. Your clients might give you a tip at the end of a consultation if they enjoyed the experience. Learn to know your types of clients. And don’t let an upset client make you feel you are poor at your job. 

6. Experience is power

In the beginning, you may feel overwhelmed and left out when you look at how far the other make-ups artists or beauty therapists have come. If this happens, remind yourself that Rome was not built in a day. When you get to the stage where your experience is helping you, then you feel power, and that is the greatest feeling to feel when you’re in this industry.

Tip: Remember that no one can teach you experience. You have to go out there and gain it yourself. So go out there and make a difference in your town and in your industry. Invest in day classes to boost your knowledge and stay on top of the latest trends. If everyone is offering the latest facial technique or eyelash enhancement, make sure you’re onto it too and not lagging behind! 

Overall,the beauty industry is a fantastic and financially rewarding career if you stay ahead of the game as much as possible. Keep active online and especially on social media, so you don’t lose out on valuable trends, knowledge and ideas. 

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