6 Best Places to visit in the USA With Your Family

Thinking of visiting the USA for your next vacations? America is home to large metropolitans with skyscrapers and landmarks such as The Statue of Liberty and vast coastlines that offer mesmerizing silhouettes against the sea.

That’s why it’s so difficult to choose a place for spending your vacations in the USA. To your advantage, I have done my research and will help you pick the best places where you can experience the real America. 

While planning your trip, do not forget to bring a multi-functional backpack as you might go for a hike at the Grand Canyon or explore the glamorous city of Las Vegas. These are two must-have visiting spots! Also, don’t forget to pack a pair of cargo pants if you – a durable pair like the 5.11 Apex Pants with multiple pockets for comfort and ease during the Grand Canyon Trail!

And one extra little tip before you read on for the advice surrounding the typical USA hotspots, remember that the USA has it’s own way of working around tipping, which differs to the UK and Europe. For more on this, check out this Guide to tipping in the USA.

New York City

If you’re coming to the USA and not visiting NYC, why are you even coming to the States? NYC offers the best restaurants and happening nightlife, beautiful museums, and plenty of other things to do during your stay.

NYC is home to some of the best landmarks in the USA like the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the renowned Central Park. 


Miami is an already renowned city across the world and is famous for its crazy nightlife and beach parties. What’s not to love in Miami, the weather is fantastic, people are jolly, a glamorous city, all of it will leave you spellbound. Miami is perfect for you if you enjoy soaking up the sun and having a relaxing stay at the beach.

But, Miami is not just about the beaches and nightlife, there’s a lot more to it. The Miami Zoo has more than 2000 animals, the American Airlines Arena hosts the home games for Miami Heat and concerts of famous singers, and you can explore the Cuban culture across the city. Miami has still managed to be connected with nature, you’ll fall in love with this city if you get to see what’s underneath the top-most layer (beaches). 

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, or simply known as Vegas is a must-visit – even if you’re not into gambling. This glamorous city never fails to impress anyone with its luxurious shopping malls, casinos, bars, and great food.

Las Vegas has it all, maybe that’s the reason it is visited by more than 45 million people everywhere. Vegas is one of the best party destinations in the world and doesn’t have a defined off-season or high season. Every season is a high season in Vegas (pun intended). Grand Canyon –  Grand Canyon is the dream of every hiker and no list of America’s best places is complete without its mention. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this place.

The vast infinities remind us how small we are in front of mother nature. Most visitors just look at the infinities standing at the canyon’s edge, but the real experience of Grand Canyon is incomplete without a small walk to the bottom. For an even better Grand Canyon experience, come prepared with all the necessities for a small hike, and see the gorgeous sunset. 

Washington D.C.

It is never a bad idea to visit the national capital of Washington D.C, and explore the White House. It is a place where you can enjoy with your family at places like the National Zoo and several museums, without spending much. 


The city of Charleston is perfect for an escape from the fast life of cities. The beaches are mesmerizing with Instagram worthy picture spots. The city’s vibe is so relaxing in itself that you’ll feel like staying here forever. 

Final Words 

It is so difficult to shortlist the best places in the USA and I’m sure a lot more places can be added to the list. Do not forget to mention your favourites down in the comments. 

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