5 Ways To Turn a Bad Morning Into a Better Day

We’ve all been there: It’s 10 am and already everything has gone wrong. Woke up to a WhatsApp from a friend letting you down, you spilt coffee on your blouse, you can’t find you bank card and can’t call up the bank as you have a 2 hour urgent work meeting, you’ve had some bad news, you’ve woken up with a cluster of spots on your jaw….

You get my drift. We all class different things as ‘having a bad morning’, but overall, a bad morning is a bad morning.

So, lets discover how to salvage a bad morning and turn it into a good day.

Have you ever wondered why certain people seem to look, feel, behave happy, confident, and upbeat at all times of the day and night?

Why is it that certain people seem to be strong, motivated, positive-minded, happy, clear-headed, and walking on sunshine day in and day out while others are much more susceptible to downcast moods and attitudes?

These super-happy and super-motivated people aren’t any different from everyone else. They’re not superhuman. And they aren’t invincible to pessimistic moments and bad moods. They’re just more proactive about controlling, managing, and cleaning out their bad emotions.

They’re not reactive to their emotions. They’re proactive. OK so some may live in their own little worlds. But hey, if it makes them happy, then hats off to them. Can I join?

Whenever a frustration, irritation, anxiety, stress, or depression starts to set in, happy, positive people reach into their sack of secrets for staying happy and motivated. And they transform their bad moods back into good moods.

So here are 5 secrets to utilise to become one of the super-happy and super-motivated individuals that always walk on sunshine.

1. Read At Least 10 Pages Of A Self-Development Book!

Now I don’t mean you have to turn yourself into someone who is obsessed with self-help and positive life books. But, by owning one or two really good ones, and having them to hand for when life goes t*ts up, is always handy.

Not many things can offer you a more empowering, rejuvenating, energizing, and stimulating boost to your day than reading something motivational.

According to a recent article by Business Insider, “85% of rich people read two or more education, career-related, or self-improvement books per month, compared to 15% of poor.” Reading 2 or more books per month is a practice that 85% of wealthy people share in common. That can’t be just a coincidence.

Reading in general offers you more than just knowledge, it improves your memory; boosts your concentration and focus abilities; improves your writing skills; reduces stress; and broadens your vocabulary. So if you can, try incorporating reading into your daily life to improve your happiness.

Because by learning about situations that already happened to others, reading can open your eyes to the fact that there is no pain, struggle, challenge, difficulty, setback, or misfortune in your life that someone else hasn’t already overcome!

Some motivational/life help/positive thinking books are split into sections, and some have pages of quotes. On your hell-ish morning, find a quiet spot (even if this is the toilet cubical at work). Read through a couple of pages, and try to pull your mind out of that place where you have just ‘given up’ already.

2. Use the Gym/Move Your Body To Elevate Your Mood

I’m afraid its true: exercising and moving increases endorphines and does make you feel happier, it’s kinda a fact. Have you ever been really frustrated about something, decided to hit the gym, and forty minutes later you totally forgot what the heck you were worried about in the first place?

It doesn’t have to be a visit to the gym. It can be a brisk walk, a spot of yoga, a run, a 10 minute HIIT YouYube work out.

Getting a physical workout is a proven way to turn your mood around. Getting your daily exercise in at the gym, on the field, or on the track can provide you with a powerful cocktail or anxiety-release, depression-relief, mental clarity, positive mood, happiness, endorphins, and confidence. Hitting the gym pumps all kinds of feel-good chemicals through your mind.

And this isn’t just a quick-fix. Taking a quick break from your work to get that daily pump in is a bad mood-remedy that can dramatically improve your attitude for your entire day or night.

According to a Happify infographic about “The Link Between Exercise And Happiness,” the positive mood benefits of just 20 minutes of exercise can last for up to 12 hours.

3. Fill Your Mind With Motivational Content!

When it comes to dealing with our emotions, most of us aren’t proactive enough. We complain about feeling low, frustrated, unhappy, unsatisfied, irritated, or miserable. But we rarely take proactive steps to manage, control, and eliminate these negative emotions.

We make the mistake of assuming that there’s nothing we can do to fix our mood. So we chose to stay in that ‘bad place’ for the rest of the day.

But remember: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! There is no downbeat mood that can’t be fixed.

A method raved about by many is to listen, watch, and absorb motivational and self-development content. Spending time throughout your day soaking in the words, wisdom, and advice of motivational people or absorbing positive content can be one of the most life-changing habits you’ll ever take up.

It could be podcasts, pinterest boards, blog posts, listicles, someones speech….

There is a trick to staying motivated at all times. And that trick is filling your mind with positive content. Once you start soaking in the motivational content, you won’t be able to go a day without the boost that it adds to your day.

4. Find A Quiet Spot And Meditate

Not much can turn around your mindset, your attitude, your mood, and your emotions like meditation can.

Transcendental Meditation is widely practiced by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Simmons, Miguel, Katy Perry, Hugh Jackson, etc. Meditation is a hobby that scores of highly accomplished people practice twice a day—for good reason.

Inside each of our heads is a limitless supply of fulfillment, peace, clarity, and tranquility that most of us lose touch with as get older and deal with the daily struggles of life. What Transcendental Meditation does, it reconnects us with that infinite ocean of pure happiness, peace, compassion, clarity, and creativity that we otherwise have limited access to.

Negative emotions likes stress, frustration, pessimism, anxiety, and depression cut us off from our true nature—which is true happiness. Transcendental Meditation puts you back in touch with that unlimited supply of positivity and happiness.

What happens overtime is, practicing meditation becomes like wearing a suit of bulletproof armor that protects you from negative feelings and emotions.

Don’t get me wrong. Becoming a meditator doesn’t make your life perfect. But whenever tragedy does strike, all you have to do is find a quiet spot, sit back down for 10 or 20 minutes, and reconnect with your best nature.

5. Vent To A Friend/Talk It Out

There is nothing quite like ‘getting something off your chest’. As chances are, when you talk about it to someone else, just listing all the reasons why your day has gone horribly wrong won’t seem half as bad.

Plus, you open yourself up for advice, or for someone to say, ‘oh god, I felt like that last week when…’ etc etc.

Most of the time, the friends/acquaintance/colleagues won’t have the answer, but by the time you’ve talked it all through, you’ll instantly feel better. Like you’re not the only one stressing out in your own mind about all the things that have put you in a bad mood.

If you don’t happen to be in a situation where you can talk to someone, write it all down. Bullet point each individual thing that has put you in a bad mood and look at how you can change a few around. Don’t pressure yourself to resolve each one. Just stick to one or two.

I promise a weight will feel like it’s starting to lift…

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  1. April 1, 2019 / 5:28 pm

    Love these tips, Emma!

    Meditation is my morning go-to, and definitely a savour if I need a little re-set.

    As an add-on, I think it can be so useful to make three bullet points of things you’re grateful for. It can be such a relief (and reality check) to realise that some things are going right, and the shit hasn’t completely hit the fan!

    Thanks for a great list!

    Jess x
    | thevisionboardproject.com |

    • whatemmadid
      April 1, 2019 / 9:23 pm

      Love this, defo worth doing 3 things to be grateful for! Thank you xx

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