5 Ways To Modernise Your Home For a Stylish 2019 Look

If you’re a regular reader of What Emma Did, I can guess that you love looking at photos of beautiful interiors just as much as I do. I regularly share a lot of home and interior tips on my little corner of the internet because quite frankly, I’m a bit home obsessed to say the least.

Whether it’s a celebrities home tour video online or a stylish living space on Pinterest/Instagram, there’s something all of those impeccably decorated rooms have in common which I love. No matter the design style: they look polished and pulled together.

You know it when you see it. However, that perfectly pulled-together feel is sometimes hard to pinpoint, especially when you look at your own space and think how do I get mine looking all modern and stylish?

If you can, the best thing to do as a first step is to plan a small renovation. For example, houses where the front lounge flows into the dining room all open plan always look more spacious and modern. So if time and budget allows, look at opening up your downstairs space if you need a home improvement which instantly gives ‘more room’.

Conservatory and little summer houses extended onto homes have also been reported to be on the biggest return on investments, making the value of your house go on. The options what you can do with this extension in endless – a home office, children’s play room, a dining room?

For any larger improvement project you undertake, it’s best to plan to have somewhere else to live while the project takes place. Ideally you would use a reputatable moving company, like local movers Calgary, to transport the items you need and stay somewhere else for a week while work is done.

However, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. A lot of us have tight budgets, and have to turn to small, cosmetic updates to freshen up our homes.

First, it’s important to point out that most homes you see photographed for a magazine or popular social media account are staged and professionally styled, so don’t get all beat up about why your home doesn’t quite look like a replica.

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, here’s 7 ways to update your home to reflect that beautiful, pulled-together living room look we’re all obsessing over…

1.Get the centre piece right

When you have visitors in your home, they tend to gather in the living room, and the fire place is the first area they’ll be drawn to. It’s usually the key feature of the room, and in today’s modern world, the more sleek and slimline, the better.

For those who love a chic, minimal look, a wood burning stove is now all the rage. The designs from Jøtul are based on Norwegian cast iron craftsmanship and functional, modern design, giving that touch of stylish innovative yet providing effective heat and light too.

You’ll possibly see these in newer homes that reflect that Scandi vibe, and they blend in perfectly with clean, clutter free rooms with a fashionable feel.

2. A large statement rug

Any interior designer will tell you an appropriately large area rug is one of the fundamental elements of any room. Saying that, it’s especially the living room where these act as the ‘wow’ point.

A rug that most of your furniture can at sit on top at least halfway will create a sense of unity in the room and make it feel larger. Rugs can be quite expensive, so if you can only afford a smaller 5’ x 7’ size of the rug you love, try layering it over a larger plain throw-over that acts as a sheer rug, which are typically more affordable.

Trust me when I say this is one of the most important factors of a well-designed and pulled-together room.

3. Invest in greenery

I’m truly in the belief that every room should have something alive in it, as of course, plants make you happier (or so experts say!). Although people often tend to ‘leaf out’ their kitchens, your living room is a great place to star to give it that calm, fresh feel.

Small plants are the perfect accent for your coffee table or shelves, and taller plants and trees are the ideal solution for bare corners. Plants add color, texture, and literally life to your space, all of which bring out that pulled-together feeling. Floor plants can also fill in that awkward corner that looks a bit open and ‘bare’.

4. An interesting coffee table

Alongside a fireplace, a coffee table can be one of the main focal points in the lounge. The fun with coffee tables is that they aren’t just a bog standard table – they are interesting because of they can inherent design or set a theme for the room.

You can go for wooden and cottage style vibes, or geometric and minimal. Or, you can even inject a bright colour via a stylish coffee table. If you have a wide-open surface you’re not sure what to do with, try adding a tray that fills a third or half of the tabletop — both for a layer of visual interest and as a way to corral whatever items you choose in a way that looks intentional.

5. Multiple lighting sources

Having the right amount of light when and where you want it is another key element of a well-designed space that is often overlooked. Sometimes, you just can’t light up a room correctly and with the right ambiance if you rely solely on the overhead light that came with your apartment or home.

Create an atmosphere by adding lamps (both floor and tabletop) and wall fixtures where needed to create cosy, well-lit areas within your living room. Plus, the light fixtures themselves can contribute to the overall design of your room.

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