5 Tips to Get Gorgeous Lips

Beautiful, luscious lips are something every woman wants. There is not a lot of talk about how to care for your lips. Most of the tips are concerned with choosing a lipstick, for example. That is why we are going to talk about that but also how to make your lips soft and beautiful.

Exfoliation is the key

If you want to get soft, tender, kissable lips, exfoliation is a must. And what is great is that it doesn’t have to cost too much money. There are many lip scrubs available for purchase, but you can also make yours at home from the ingredients you already have.

One example of a good lip scrub is honey, sugar, and a bit of olive oil. You mix it till it becomes a paste and then apply it on your lips and rub gently. Then, rinse with water. This will make your lips soft because it will get rid of all the dead cells, and another plus is that your lips will immediately look plumper. So, if you are trying to get fuller lips, this instant trick can help you.

Carry a lip balm in your purse at all times

Regardless of the season, a lip balm will keep your lips hydrated and give them enough elasticity and softness. Nourishing balms with cocoa or shea butter, even coconut oil are the best options to keep your lips hydrated. Lip balms that have lanolin are also great because they mimic the natural oils your skin makes.

Another good tip for gorgeous lips is to use lip balms with SPF because they too can burn, so make sure you are protecting them as well.

Know your lipstick and lip pencil

Many women make mistakes when putting on lipstick and lip pencil, so we are going to share some tricks on how to achieve the perfect look. Take a pencil that is just a bit darker than your lipstick color, and line your lips just above the line.

Don’t overdo it, because you can make it look fake. Then, take a lighter lipstick and fill in your lips in the center. That way you will create the illusion of fuller lips if you don’t already have them. For a bigger plump effect, you can use a plumping lip gloss, or put a bit of highlighter on your cupid’s bow.

Consider lip fillers

You can have gorgeous lips by trying some treatments as well. If you want a popular and a simple procedure, lip fillers are certainly a great option. It is important to choose a professional so that everything looks natural. You can ask your esthetician, but hyaluronic acid gives the most natural results because it is a part of our body already.

This method is the most popular because it is safe and gives great results by achieving natural shape, volume, and structure. If you are concerned about health reasons, it is good to know that with newer methods there is less bruising and no allergic reactions. This is a solution that will last, and combined with previous steps, gives the best results.

Treat wrinkles around your lips

As we grow older, our skin tends to wrinkle, especially around our lips. To keep them looking beautiful, it is also important to take care of the area around them. Moisturizers with retinol or coenzyme Q10 are the best choice. If you smoke, consider quitting, because smoking speeds up aging processes in your body. Also, to avoid wrinkles, you should start with a healthy diet that includes berries, broccoli, and carrots. 

Having gorgeous lips is possible with a few tricks from home. However, if that is not enough, lip fillers and other aesthetic procedures are there to help. Do your research before, but nevertheless apply these steps as a part of your regular lip care routine.

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