5 Tips And Tricks For Packing Your Designer Items When Moving

Getting prepared for a move means that you have to handle the stressful and complicated parts of it like a pro. The tricky thing about a relocation is considering and paying attention to all the details that arise: organising, packing, and then unpacking all of your possessions. Even though there are many items that you can easily put in a box and transport with ease, there are also a lot of possessions that require extra care. You can’t just handle antiques, chandeliers, fine art, and other delicate items like books or pillows. 

You need to be extra precautions with your designer items too, especially clothes and shoes. Because you spent a small fortune on some of them, you have to protect them from all hazards that might come with a move. It’s just apparent that you want your Gucci dress or your Jimmy Choo shoes to arrive at your new place in pristine condition. We’ve put together a small list with all the tips and tricks for packing your designer items the right way. 

1. Pack only clean clothes and shoes

It’s never a good idea to pack your clothes and shoes without cleaning them first. First of all, this will save you a lot of time after you arrive at your new home and start unpacking; plus, it will help preserve the high-quality of your precious belongings. When you don’t have the time to take the necessary steps, try to pack clean items separately from dirty ones. 

2. It’s easier with a hanger box

When clothes are hung up, they are more protected from various hazards, and they won’t get wrinkled. It would be best to buy a special wardrobe box that makes it easier to transport shirts, dresses, t-shirts, coats, and jackets. Of course, you can put many other garments in a unique hanger box. However, when it comes to hangers, go for wooden or padded ones that can hold your designer items’ shape. 

3. Shoes require extra care, too

Don’t just throw shoes in your suitcases and expect them to arrive in great condition at your new place. They deserve to be put into boxes, preferably the original ones they’ve come in. However, before that, put fine tissue paper around them and also some in the toe area. High heels are probably the most delicate type of shoes, so they need extra attention. Wrap them in bubble wrap, so they don’t get damaged. 

4. Don’t forget about storage options

If for some reason, your designer items can’t reach the destination as soon as possible and they will get stored for a few days, you need to keep in mind some things to give them extra protection. First of all, never use containers and plastic bags when you pack them. These can easily damage your designer clothes and shoes. It’s more efficient to use cardboard boxes or even wooden crates. For total safety, use mothballs and lavender sachets, as they will keep insects and bad odors away. 

5. Go with the pros

When you feel like you don’t have what it takes to pack and transport all your precious possessions, or you don’t have the time to do it on your own, consider hiring a moving company. Experienced commercial movers NYC have done dozens of fine art, antique, piano, designer clothes and shoes, and also luxury fashion store moves, meaning they have the necessary skills and tools to work efficiently and keep your belongings safe at all times. With the right movers, all of your designer items will arrive at your new home in flawless condition. 

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