6 Jewellery Trends That Are Big For 2021

2021 may feel like a long way off, but I’m of the opinion that you can never be too prepared when your wardrobe is concerned. The same can be said for accessories, like jewellery. Jewellery trends change from year to year, keeping the same timeless classics, yet taking inspiration from catwalk and editorial trends to offer something fresh and exciting.

The jewellery world has come a long way since the days of everyone obsessing over Pandora charms, or sporting either stud earrings or hoops. We now have jewel tone colours, pave settings, chunky resin details, dainty inspirational pendants, elegant rose gold and designer led themes.

Personally, I love understated jewellery. Classics which feature small charms and dainty details. However, I see some of my friends, other bloggers and influencers rocking striking statement looks, like chunky pieces or hiphop jewelry.

If you’re a fan of jewellery, and are keen to hear a little about the jewellery trends and styles coming through towards the end of 2020 going into 2021, then I’ve put together some round-ups sourced from catwalk news and trend research. Whether you adore sparkling silver or gleaming gold, the below could provide a little insight into next years jewellery and accessory trends…

Chain Detail Chains

2021 will see certain statement pieces make a big comeback, and one of those statement looks is large, chunky chain necklaces. Necklaces don’t always have to be delicate, and even the most intricate outfits could benefit from something bold. Whether it be silver, gold or bronze, accessories like this will up the ante on any outfit and create a rebellious aesthetic.

Style up a chunky chain necklace with a one-colour, print-free roll-neck and trousers for an athleisure vibe, or put a spin on a feminine outfit by pairing the oversized bling with a dress and heels. The choices are endless, and they’ll all look great on you. Just make sure the chunky gold chain is the statement, and you keep everywhere else jewellery-free.

Vintage Inspirations

For 2021, there is a huge uptake in younger women wanting to collect vintage pieces, and to be adorning their outfits with little vintage touches. There’s something precious about owning a piece of history, assoicated with charm and character.

Jewellery is by far the best way to add a little hint of vintage styling, especially with pieces that are actually new but look like they have been inspired by history. This helps if you can’t quite get hold of actual vintage treasures.

Vintage-inspired pieces to be looking out for include link style bracelets, which allow you to add something classic and more low-key to your collection. Opt for a link gold bracelet which can be layered with your everyday watch.

Anything big, bold and floral inspired also falls under vintage inspiration. You may be able to get hold of clip on style floral earrings, or large brooch style pins which give that nod to older eras.

Vintage Jewelry Background

Delicate Sterling Silver

For 2020/2021, the return of fine, delicate sterling silver will be back. As well as being subtle and classic, it will be designed to reflect jewellery that was created decades ago. Think vintage vibes with a modern twist.

Online wholesaler elf925wholesale are an example of a manufacturer who specialise in all the silver you need, everything from silver rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pretty pendants. For finding examples of silver jewellery which also allows you to add a touch of colour, you can find many pendant necklaces and earrings which bring in a small flash of colour, usually in the form of a crystal or cubic zirconia style stone.

If you just want to wear one piece of jewellery, little silver teardrop style earrings are all you need in your ears to give that pretty vintage accessory look. But if you’re more of a necklace girl, you might want to choose a fine lariat style, or a surround pendant drop with a beautiful jewel feature.

Moonstone Jewellery

Gemstones dip in and out of ‘fashion’, so to speak, but for 2021, there’s a huge enthusiasts on gem stones which have a little more meaning to them.

Moonstone is one of them which is growing in popularity for 2020 straight through to 2021. Revered throughout history, and favourited for being a birthday gemstone for June, it is a crystal that depicts peace, hope and happiness.

Women are incorporating moonstone jewellery into their jewellery boxes in a bid to not only wear the pretty crystal with pride, but to bring in positive energy. Most moonstone jewellery will be made up of the white coloured gem worn as moonstone pendants, earrings or rings.

Chunky Statement Rings

Layering your rings is still very much a look for spring/summer 2020, which is said to continue right through to 2021. This time, the more ‘jumbo’, chunky and statement the rings, the better.

And it doesn’t stop at just wearing one or two chunky rings on different fingers. Chunky rings in either resin, metal or plastic are being piled up, with 2 on each finger in some cases, mixing materials for a bold, clashing look.

It’s edgy and its ‘cool’. This trend works well with plain, understated garments where the jewellery is allowed to do the talking.

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Modern, Romantic Pearls

Pearls are back, but this years are nothing like your grandmother’s pearls. Think of delicate pearl hoops to ear cuffs and sculptural bracelets, where the classic pieces are getting a modern, re-imagined update for summer.

The pearl trend is kinda going towards a modern ‘cool-girl’ feel: Women love pearls, but they’re looking for newer, edgier, less perfect ways to wear them. It all goes back to a look that’s a little more undone but pulled-together.

So there you have it, a little bit of inspiration towards jewellery and accessories for the rest of this year, straight onto 2021. For me, I’ll be embracing the delicate silver trend for sure, as I’m a huge fan of fine silver jewellery. Understated and pretty. However, the inspiration coming through the with girly pearl trend also seems to be something I would embrace!

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