5 Easy Ways to Earn Additional Income in London for Millennials

It’s not a secret that London is a very expensive city. While the costs of living are steadily rising, the salaries don’t quite keep up with them, especially if you’re young. That’s why in this post, I wanted to tell you about the additional easy ways to make money in London, so you can have a better standard of living and perhaps even afford a couple of luxuries from time to time.

So, here are 5 easy ways to make extra money in London for millenials (and not only).

1.   Rent out your property (even for a weekend)

Not many people consider the fact that the property, where they are based, can earn them additional income or pay for itself, while they are away. Of course, there are a couple of things to remember – you need to make sure that you can sublet the property and you’re the owner or your landlord is okay with that.

Imagine that you’re going to visit your friends or family in a different city or perhaps even country, and you’re leaving your apartment for 2 weeks. In the age of the sharing economy, you can just lock all your belongings in a storage room and rent out your property while you’re away.

One of the best companies to pick for that is Leavy.co, originally a French company, that expanded to London in June 2019. You get paid a fixed payment for all the time that you’re away and your property will be cleaned and insured. No need to worry about the keys either.

So renting out your property while you’re away on holiday was never easier.

  2.  Earn extra money as a co-host or a host on demand

Another property-related idea that could bring your extra money in London is becoming a co-host or a person that manages multiple Airbnb apartments on behalf of multiple people. It’s a very easy way to make additional money for students, freelancers and bloggers, who are not restricted by 9-to-5 working hours.

Leavy is also looking for hosts on demand in London and in Paris, so if you’re interested, you can definitely get in touch for more information.

3. Collect and charge electric scooters and bikes in London

Another paid activity in London is collecting and charging electric bikes. One of the companies that pays okay for that is Lime bikes. They call people who collect and charge Lime scooters and bike, Lime Juicers and you get paid per bike / scooter.

4. Sell your clothes or do reselling jobs

One of the activities that does not require almost any time at all is selling your clothes aka decluttering your wardrobe on the websites like Vinted and Depop. If you’re a fashion or lifestyle blogger, that’s a gold mine for you, as you can resell all the clothing items that you get for free.

Some people who have more free time are closely monitoring other people’s offerings and buying very cheap items to sell them for more money later. That won’t bring you that much money, but could be a nice side income.

5. Pet walking and sitting

Finally, the last, but not least way of making extra money in London for millenials is dog & cat walking and sitting. This won’t be the best paying gig, however, it’s one of the nicest tasks for animal lovers with a lot of free time – you get to be outside with a furry friend.

Of course, there are many more money-making activities in London for millenials, but I tried to be brief and list some of my favourite ways.

Please note that it’s a collaborated post, but all opinions are my own.

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