5 Catering Tips to Make Your Wedding an Event to Remember

Everyone wants a wedding day to remember. There are many choices in clothing, wedding location, and entertainment. But one thing that will be remembered for better or worse is the food served at the wedding reception.

Wedding reception catering is not a place to skimp or cut corners. Finding the right catering company is one of the most important planning tasks for a memorable wedding. The right caterer will be able to make even the most simple foods seem special with the presentation. The right caterer will have foods to meet every budget.

Finding The Right Caterer

One of the first things a Singapore wedding planner should do is find a good caterer such as Stamford Catering Services. Once a good, dependable wedding caterer is found, the person planning the wedding can move on to other important tasks, leaving the caterer to plan a reception meal that fits the wedding budget and the bride and grooms food preferences.

Searching online for a caterer will bring the wedding planner information on multiple catering companies. They should do their research on each food services company to find the company that offers the best service, food, and pricing. Check out the online reviews for each company.

Talk to the most likely caterers to find the one that offers the kind of food, services, and pricing that fits the wedding couple’s needs.

Planning the Menu

The food choices for the wedding reception should not be a last-minute effort. The reception caterer and menu should be planned as soon as the guest list is complete and a venue chosen. Some venues require the bridal party to use their in-house vender. Others are open to the customer’s caterer choice. Many venues and caterers need to be booked 12 months in advance.

The number of guests will determine the budget for each serving. Since the food and catering budget is a fixed amount, more guests will mean less expensive food choices. If the couple wants more expensive food choices, the guest list might need to be pared down. Consider the style of dining such as multiple courses sit down dinner or passed appetizers. Some receptions offer a buffet.

When the guest list is complete, consider guest food allergies and restrictions. Tell the caterer about guest food restrictions before the menu is finalized. Choose food with safety in mind so no one is at risk for food poisoning.

5 Tips For Memorable Wedding Receptions

1. Choose the right caterer for attractive presentation as well as food choices.

2. Consider having the caterer use local, in-season ingredients and menu choices that will impress your guests.

3. Know your guests likes and dislikes and consider them when choosing a menu that has something for everyone. Diversity in the menu offers food choices for every guest to enjoy.

4. Ask for a tasting session with the caterer. They may charge for it but this will save disappointment later. Tasting each menu item helps you to make sure the food is exactly what you want for your guests.

5. Consider choosing menu items that have special meaning for the bride and groom. Menu choices could include the couple’s favorite foods, the food they ate on their first date or the night the groom proposed. 

Once a good carer has been chosen, let them make suggestions and suggest unique ways to make your ideas for a reception come to life in a memorable and impressive way. Stick to your budget even if the caterer tries to suggest foods that will add cost to the reception.

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