4 Things To Do To Redecorate Your Bathroom

So, you’ve decided it’s time to give your bathroom a new lease of life and redecorate it! Now you just need to work out what to change in your bathroom, how you want it to look and if your bathroom needs any large functional changes. Today we’ll look at a few tips for how to redecorate your bathroom, without breaking your bank account, we will be avoiding big renovations like a new bath or shower and just sticking to the things which can be done relatively easy.


Off to a simple start we have the paint job for your bathroom, first things first you’ll want to decide on what colour you want your bathroom to be, we recommend picking one colour and sticking to it across the room, whether that be a classic bathroom colour like white or some natural toned down colours like tan.

You’ll want to make sure you buy paint intended for use in bathrooms, as bathrooms get quite damp and steamy normal paint will be damaged and stained by the water, whereas specially made bathroom paint will not be effected by the dampness of the room. Once you’ve got the painting sorted it’s time to move onto the next item of business.

Colour Match Your Towels

This is another simple point, when redecorating a bathroom you’ll want to buy all new towels, bath mats and bathrobes, whilst they aren’t technically decorations, they’ll spend most of the time proudly hanging in your bathroom. The trick is to either match them up to colour of the room if you went for a natural colour or if you went for a white room, use them as highlights, for example: in a white bathroom, why not have all your towels be a nice coral pink?

This will add some flair to your bathroom and make the room look vibrant if you choose to use the towels to highlight the room, or will give off a vibe of class and sophistication if you opt to match the towels to the colour of the room.

Get Some Nice Blinds In

Most of us don’t have a set of blinds in the bathroom as most bathrooms come with frosted glass windows so people can’t see in, but lets be honest, frosted glass isn’t very appealing to look at, so we suggest getting a nice set of bathroom blinds for your bathroom. The right, modern ones can look super sleek and stylish.

Again, we suggest either using the blinds as a highlight for the room, or simply colour matching them to the walls to make the room seem a bit more premium. White wooden ones can look real luxury, although you might prefer a material which is wipe-able as the room attracts condensation.

Adorn with Plants

Plants make an excellent addition to any room in the house, they seemingly bring life and beauty to a room and help you connect with nature, so a plant in the bathroom is an excellent choice, however you may want to just buy a fake plant so you don’t have to worry about getting natural light into the room.

We’d recommend finding a nice plant (or fake plant) that you enjoy, probably something like a small tree or shrub, then get a nice pot for it which matches the room, as always you have the option to use the pot as a highlight or to colour match, but either way, your bathroom will look all the better for having a plant in there,

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