12 Ideas to Create a Pretty Makeup Room at Home

Lucky enough to have a spare room at home which has turned into a ‘getting ready’ room? Perhaps it has a nice dressing table as the main feature, alongside stylish storage for your makeup, clothes and shoes.

Maybe you’ve got all kinds of ideas in mind for how to style your makeup room with decorative items and furnishings to make it a space totally unique to you.

It’s a great opportunity to have a space like this, so if you have one, you’ll want it to look super sleek. Below are 12 ideas for your own makeup room and how you can spruce it up and make it look special. You can easily define your own space with some of the ideas given here and then simply expand from there…

1. Look at wall art

There’s something about poster prints that can enliven any room in the home, and a makeup room is no exception. You can make your own custom poster through a specialised online poster print company, where you can submit any personalised image design you like that coordinates with your makeup room.

You can keep it in-keeping with the theme of the room and have prints of makeup brushes in beautiful containers, or prints showing colourful eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes or other items you may like. Eyelashes, eyeliner flicks – there are so many creative ideas!

2. Modern, clean lines for minimalists

I love a sleek, minimal looking room, and nothing looks better than a Scandi style makeup room. Sleek and clean lines in a makeup room design are what minimalists crave. With modern and minimalist designs being part of makeup room designs for 2020, you can’t go wrong with utilising a frame less or slim line, metal framed LED lighted mirror, with a modern table sitting below it.

Open glass containers in varying sizes can accommodate your makeup tools and cotton pads, and a padded vanity bench with a white fabric cushion or cream fluffy rug can finish off the look beautifully.

3. Use lighting to enhance your makeup table

Lighting that illuminates a makeup table, desk or vanity area can easily transform your makeup room into a stunning studio. Think of a mounted vanity mirror in a beautiful oval shape that contains hidden LED lights that light up the area around your dressing area. Or, a striking square mirror adorned with twinkling LED lights.

Another lighting idea to think about is pendant lights or even sconces that allow more direct lighting. You want the room to look a little magical.

4. Mirrors that show your best side

Mirrors are another necessity in a makeup room. With the variety of mirrors available today, you can use them to make the room look wider, and to also add sophistication to a makeup area.  A Hollywood mirror with outward light bulbs makes a grand statement over a small dressing table, as do metal edged mirrors, round mirrors, hexagonal mirrors and full-length mirrors.

With the whole Instagram ‘mirror selfie’ trend being huge, you might want the largest free standing mirror possible perched against a wall in this room, using it to double up for outfit looks.

Remember: Ideally for your make up station, you want a mirror you can look into straight on, along with a hand mirror close by to use for closeups. That along with the full length mirror gives you a few options to use in the room!

5. Use makeup organizers to keep the room clutter free

Makeup organizers come in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles, and they can add to the overall look and design of your makeup room. Whether it’s round carousel type organizers, tiered glass racks, bins, cubicles, metal baskets, trays, storage racks, vanity drawers with partitions, or vertical and horizontal shelves, you can keep your makeup area clean, neat and clutter free.

Those silver cases that professional makeup artists have really look the part in any makeup room!

If you have drawers in the room, look at investing in dividers so that when you open up a draw, you can see all your products lined up together in certain groups.

6. Consider vanity tabletop treatment

Vanity tabletops can automatically upgrade and glamorize a makeup room. The most popular one is a mirrored top, that sits on your dresser table, or one in different metal (or natural stone) which can add a different look and feel to the room.

Marble table tops or clean white gloss are quite popular, especially if you like to do flat lat photography with your makeup products.

7. Make your own makeup containers

You’ve seen all those fancy and streamlined makeup jars, tins, wire baskets, and solid plastic containers in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re strapped for cash, you make your own. Sturdy cardboard boxes or even plastic or paper tubing can be covered with fabric, brown rustic looking paper or colorful printed wrapping paper to give you the look you desire.

Glass jars make the best for holding your makeup brushes, and also look very minimalistic and Scandi! You can even print out your own black and white labels for brushes, blushes, beauty blenders, eye shadows and other makeup tools.

8. Floating makeup tables save room

If you’re limited on space, a floating table, desk or long open shelving can help you save room, for placing your stool or chair under your floating makeup table.

Hang an LED lighted mirror above your floating table and use cute printed zippered makeup bags and small boxes to store your makeup tools and cosmetics. Place them on the sides of the table to serve as storage and colourful accessories. 

9. Create your own beauty bar station

Most beauty spa and salon operators have their own beauty stations or cubicles. You can make your own with a series of stacked cubicles on two sides of your space and a beauty table or vanity in the middle with a lighted mirror over the vanity.

Use colourful open plastic bins to store makeup and beauty tools on your table and in the cubicles.  

10. Partition your space into a makeup room

Vertical open shelving, wall partitions and screens can help you separate or divide areas of a room like a bedroom or other space. You could play around with placing your makeup table or vanity up to the back of the partition, and use one side of the room as a place to get ready and create looks, and the other as a place to keep your full length mirror and clothing rail/clothes storage, so you split the room into a makeup room and a mini walk-in wardrobe (if space allows!)

11. Accessorise your makeup room

Accessorising any room is fun, but makeup room accessorising is double the enjoyment! It’s meant to be a girly space, full of all the nicer things in life: makeup products, hair tools, mirrors, nail products, clothes… you nail it. Treat it as your own personal studio!

One idea is to go nostalgic and share prints of makeup advertising through the years. This could include print outs of beauty slogans from old ads from leading companies, or theme the room to your favourite makeup/hair look.

You can find pillows, floor cushions, fluffy rugs, waste baskets, smaller mirrors, framed makeup related pictures and plaques, cute and comfy vanity chairs or stools to further accessorize your makeup space.

12. Look at wall murals to define a space

Too much ‘bare wall’ can sometimes be a problem with defining a makeup room space. This is where wall murals, wall decals and wall stickers centered around makeup themes can fill those empty spaces and still look classy, when done right.

Try small feature patterns which can be applied to one wall in the room to add a touch of design. Wall decor featuring creative touches like splashes of lipstick kisses, long eyelashes, powder puffs or lipgloss stains can look super creative and arty.

Look on Pinterest for lots of inspiration!

Remember, it’s your space

The finishing point is that this extra room is your creative and personal space, so make sure it reflects you and your design preferences. You want to step inside the room and feel like it’s your own precious space.

Design some vision boards, get creative planning, and before you know it, you’ll have the perfect room you always envisioned having one day!

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