You Can Now Wrap Your Presents With Your Face Personalised On The Paper

Yep, you read that title right: Personalised Face Wrapping Paper is now a thing, and why on Earth have I never looked into this before?

Not because I want to put my face all over the wrapping paper I use this year. I think making a living from a website and social channels called What Emma Did is probably self focused enough (cringe, I know.) But for others out there who are into a bit of fun – what a time to be alive!

It’s available at PrezzyBox, and I feel this will do exceptionally well for Christmas. You just simply upload your chosen photo (your face, their face, the dog’s face, etc.) and Prezzybox will transform it into unique wrapping paper.


Most people will ever so carefully open their prezzies, trying not to rip your face in half for a start. If they wouldn’t want a gift wrapped in your face, are they even a friend?

The roll comes in 2 metres and it’s advised to upload a clear photo where the face can clearly be seen, as this will be cut out and printed.

The wrapping paper is from Prezzybox costs £17.99 for the two metre roll. While that is fairly pricey in comparison to the standard £2.00 roll you can grab from other stores, it’s potentially worth it to see the look on your other halves face when they sees your face under the tree.

Ahhhhhh, beautiful.

It also comes in various designs, including Santa hats and snowflakes, so you can ‘Christmas’ yourself up a little!


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