Why Invisalign for Straight Teeth Was The Best Thing I Did

Today’s post is much more of a personal one about something I did a couple of years ago, purely to boost my confidence. I know after hearing from so many people out there who were in the same boat that lots of girls (and guys) are self-conscious about their teeth. Saying that, it’s not always the first insecurity that you think of.

I for one never had overly crossing teeth, overlapping or a jumbled up alignment. Just too many teeth in my small sized mouth. This meant that one of my two front teeth when left to its own devices just sat slightly overlapping the other. It was more noticeable than you could imagine, and in my eyes, was the first thing I noticed every time on photographs.

I did the whole fixed braces and retainer situation throughout High School, but when I got to age 24 and was still left feeling unsatisfied with less than perfect teeth, I knew there had to be another option to straighten up my smile. I wanted teeth to be proud of, without repeating those horrible days from my teens. I wanted to smile a large, toothy grin, not hiding behind a closed lip, pouty smile.

My twin sister was getting married the following year, so it was time to do something about it. If you’re in the same boat, where you really want to straighten up or correct any teeth slightly unaligned without going through the silver fixed braces for 12 months, I really recommend looking at Invisalign.

Invisalign is a discreet, clear retainer that sits over your teeth and is barely noticeable. Unless you go up to someone extremely close and ask them to look closely at your teeth, no one needs to know. I had an Invisalign retainer for both my top set of teeth and my bottom, because even though it was just one tooth that needed correcting, it moved my whole top teeth a little, meaning my bottom wouldn’t sit right with my mouths bite.

The amazing part of Invisalign braces is that in most cases, 6 months is all it takes to do the job. After 6 months, I no longer needed to wear the retainers anymore, only at night if I wanted to ensure my teeth would never move again. But that’s not always the case for everyone. Some people are done and dusted after the 6 month period. With mine, my front tooth will always naturally want to move across, therefore I sleep with my top retainer in around 4 nights a week.

The confidence I have now I’m proud of my super straight set of teeth is invaluable. I never think that people are looking at my teeth, I smile wide and proud freely whenever I like, and I look in the mirror without any fear. Yes, it can be an expensive treatment, but for me it was worth every penny. And now that my teeth are so much straighter and I’m proud to flash them, it’s made me much more aware of keeping them white and bright.

I’ve been much more on top of keeping them as clean looking as possible by experimenting more with professional teeth whitening. I’d advise if you want to try at-home whitening, to look for ones that use only dental grade ingredients, meaning they are super safe and easy to use. Or if you are looking for something more permanent with your goal of getting whiter teeth, check out this option to put Dental Implants in South Loop.

I found a practice in Bury, Manchester for mine, but there are a number of super professional Invisalign dentists in London worth checking out. Do a bit of research, see if it is right for you. If you live a busy life and don’t want the stress of an overly  visible brace and a long timeframe to see results, I think you’ll personally love this option, just like I did!

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