The Top Three Essentials for Overseas Travel

There’s a reason why so many people advocate travel: it can be hugely worthwhile. This is especially true of overseas trips. Not only will you see some amazing places, but you stand to learn vast amounts about the world — and yourself.

However, ahead of your adventure, you may want to consider the essentials. Let’s explore the top three things to think about before you set off.

Get your documents together

Have you assembled all the necessary documents ahead of your trip? It may sound like a highly obvious question, but many travellers forget to pack key pieces of information.

Whether it’s your driving license, hotel or hire car confirmation, it’s crucial to bring all relevant records on holiday with you. Or if you can, save the digital confirmations on your phone.

Likewise, if your holiday will be taking place far ahead in the future, remember to stay updated on any changes in legal documents. Those required for driving within mainland Europe, for example, could change after the UK’s scheduled departure from the EU on 31 October of this year.

Work out your holiday budget

Though you’ll have no doubt considered it, do you know how much money you’ll need for your holiday? You may have a budget in mind, but have you taken all potential costs into account. i.e. money for fuel if you’re hiring a car, entrance fees for any attractions you want to visit or taxi fares.

Most of us save throughout the year for our holidays and with some careful budgeting you should be able to build up a healthy pot with which to truly enjoy your holiday.

Don’t let unexpected costs catch you out. Do you know what your bank will charge you for using your debit card abroad? Often, debit cards have the highest fees, so it pays to do some research before you travel and check out the latest offers. There are some credit cards, for example, that don’t charge any fees, and even offer cashback on transactions.

Ensure your safety

While thrills and epic sights will be forefront of your mind on holiday, it’s important to give some thought to the safety of you and your belongings.

Do some research on your destination before you travel to find out about the local culture and etiquette, along with any areas that might be considered unsafe for tourists.

Keep your valuables close to you in a money belt or a crossbody bag when you’re out and about, particularly in crowded areas. Don’t take all your cash out with you, instead, make use of your hotel or apartment safe is there is one. Use your credit or debit cards as much as possible, as they can be cancelled if you lose them.

Once you’ve got these basics covered, there’s nothing left to do other than enjoy yourself!

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