The Perfect Galentines Day with Tequila Rose and Fake Bake

There is totally nothing wrong with spending time with a fella on Valentines Day, but lets face it, Valentines Day is kinda girly, and I’m not too sure the blokes really look at it as something celebratory. Girls on the other hand? Well, whats not to enjoy about a day filled with love, all thinks pink, and showing a bit of emotion?

This year, I’m leaving the boy celebrations behind and celebrating the the girls instead. Galentines Day is so the new Valentines Day, whether you’re single or taken, in my opinion!

Here’s a sneak look at how I celebrated it last night…

I opted for a girls night in with some of my favourite gal pals. The theme – if you haven’t yet guessed – was a pink theme. Which meant enjoying a couple of cocktails made with Tequila Rose, eating some pink homemade cupcakes, tanning up with my favourite tan brand Fake Bake, and watching copious amounts of girly films.

I hadn’t tried Tequila Rose before last night, and I have to say, I have been missing out for sure. I’m always one of them girls that chooses the creamy, dessert like cocktails from a cocktail menu. White Russian’s, Espresso Martinis, Mississippi Mudslides, you know the types!

Tequila Rose is a sweet Strawberry Cream Liqueur with a Splash of Tequila. It’s quite an enjoyable shot, rather than the harsh tasting ones out there (Sambuca I’m looking at you). But I really enjoyed topping this will almond milk and serving up these cute baby pink cocktails for the girls.

Tequila Rose retails at £12, and can be purchased from numerous stores, including Sainsbury’s and Tesco. It’s actually a real treat of a drink in my opinion, especially if you’re cooking a nice meal this Valentines Day but haven’t got a clue what to dish up for dessert.

Just make some lovely Strawberry Liqueur cocktails, add some whipped cream and sliced strawberries to the glass and voila – a dreamy dessert cocktail!

This definitely beats any other way I’ve celebrated Valentines Day!

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