The Most Common Home Electrical Hazards

At this current modern time, our lives are so dependent on a factor called electricity. While electricity has brought us so much convenience it has the disadvantage of turning into a life threatening danger if not dealt with great care and carefulness. 

There are several possible electrical hazards that are faced quite often, and the danger can only be prevented or reduced if we are well aware of the dangers. Some of the most dangerous and life threatening electrical hazards that could occur in any home will be discussed below, to give you a heads up on what you might be facing within your home, along with the sources and the solutions. 

Most people rely on laptops, TV’s, smart devices, tablets, speaker systems, phones and all sorts, but remember they all need charging or constantly being connected to electricity:

Serious consequences due to wiring issues 

Lets start with the most commonly faced problem reported, wiring issues. Wiring issues put lives at risk, but in order to save money, homeowners sometimes do the wiring job themselves. Many don’t realise that they are putting their own and their family’s lives at risk when they attempt it, plus the money you save by not having an expert on board, you could end up spending anyway when things go wrong.

Wiring might seem like an easy job but for someone who is not an experienced in this field, they might not be able to see the complexity of the situation first. Then, they can easily loose any wiring or any mistakes during the process, which can then could put you in danger.

Take my advice, it is always advised that you should get an experienced electrician to get the wiring done. It is a super skillfully done job that will bring a long lasting peace and safety! Ease of mind is priceless.

Other than that, wiring issues could occur due to damaged wires or cords, that’s why a regular check up is necessary so the damaged wires could be repaired or replaced before it causes a bigger problem. Also it’s wise that every once in a while, get proper maintenance done by a professional, look online for professionals, one’s like electrician Sutherland can help you there.

Some of the things you could look out for to prevent hazards include:

  1. Any damaged electrical appliances.
  2. Any damaged wire insulation because of old age, heat, corrosion or bending. 
  3. Overheated wires or cords.
  4. Electrical wires chewed by rodents.
  5. Loose appliance or extension cords.

Electrical accidents due to wet hands 

The next most frequently reported electrical accidents after the wiring problems are the accidents that occur when appliances are approached with wet hands. This is such a no no, but it happens often.

Not touching electrical appliances with wet hands is that one caution that everyone is aware of, but is overlooked more than often. Approaching electrical appliances with wet hands could result in serious electric shocks, that in worst cases could take your life. We’ve all heard of being electrocuted, as sadly it can happen.

It helps to have devices that are built for wet use if you have to, for example, we use the hair dryer with wet hands all the time. However they are built for this use, with all wires and openings protected. Although we still need to be ultra areful when handling these when we have wet hands and bodies.

All types of appliances should be kept away from the sink, bathtubs and all sorts of water sources.

Hazards caused by outlets near water 

Similarly, electrical outlets anywhere close to water are dangerous. Water should be kept away from the electric points and sources at all costs. Even with juice, coffee or glasses of water in hand, outlets should not be approached. Any splashes of water could spark an electric shock. 

The bottom line here is just to avoid carrying or placing anything with water in near a electric outlet or opening. Plugs, cables, ports… you name it.

Electrocution caused by water

In any case, if the electrical fires do occur, DO NOT put water on it because the water will further make the situation more dangerous and cause electrocution. If an electrical fire does start, the first point of call is to keep a fire extinguisher with you and use that. Of course, we don’t all have these in our homes. In this case, turn off the main switch if you can, evacuate the house and get help from the fire brigade.

Electrical accidents due to extension cords and extension leads

Extension leads are handy for when we need more electrical points, but they should be placed properly so that tripping accidents don’t occur.

Also, extension cords should be used as a permanent way of getting additional power, and not to be used to keep unplugging and plugging. Keep them minimal, without overloading the whole row of plus sockets. Overloading an extension cord could have consequences as some aren’t designed for this, so do make sure you do not put too many appliances on one extension lead.

Even if you need it urgently services -such as 24 hour electricians- you can find these in most cities and town. For example, many are available all over Sydney, especially Mr. Switch’s electrician Sydney inner west who are always on duty. You can contact them and get new ones installed immediately instead of using extension cords.

Remember, in our tech savvy world, keep safe!

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