Staycation Tips: The Holiday Trend of Right Now

Sure, holidays are pretty great, but with the recent global pandemic and the slow easing of restrictions, it has made many of us press pause on making holiday plans like we usually would.

Although there are lots of travel ideas and enjoyable ways around it, if you’re not feeling like heading off on a trip – like I’m not – then don’t put the stress on yourself. Staycations have become the main way to enjoy the UK Summer, and will be taking many people straight through to our Autumn season.

Staycations at home can be just as rewarding, when you plan to do it right. If you think about everything that makes a lovely stay at home, and combine all of your favourite things you possibly can, you can arrange a much less stressful and a much more affordable ‘trip’ — without leaving your home!

So, save your money this Summer. Focus on the little things close to you at home which bring joy to your life. Take a look at your home and garden. Watch the ideas come flooding in for how to have the most enjoyable staycation at home possible!

Create a ticklist

A staycation at home can be a weekend of relaxation, or even just a full 24 hours dedicated to doing what you love. Or, you could plan to have a full two weeks of at-home ‘staycation’ time, filling it sparodically with fun things, and make it more of a project.

A great place to start is to get yourself the Staycation Bingo card, which takes the hard work away from you by listing lots of fun things to do from the comfort of your own home. From ‘destination deliveroo’ (a personal must for me) to facemasks in the fridge, it lets you keep track of lots of indulging things to do, and simply tick them off as you go.

If you’re a little stuck for things to do in the home too, it can actually spark some new ideas. For example, ‘hotel fresh sheets’ has reminded me to treat myself to some super luxury new duvet and pillow covers, so I can make going to bed more of a special moment.

Create a weekend of your favourite cuisine

If you would usually be in Greece this Summer, or sipping Sangrias in Spain, look at bringing the local cuisine to your home for the weekend!

You example, you could kickstart a Saturday morning with a typical Spanish breakfast of omelette with chopped chorizo and cured meats. If the weather is nice, sit outside and play some Spanish style music. For lunch, you could create a tapas style sharing platter and share with the family, or your partner – or whoever you are sharing your home with. Serrano ham croquettes, potatas bravas, garlic prawns, olives… all washed down with a jug of Sangria! For dinner, you could serve up a huge prawn and chicken paella, followed with creme caramel.

If anything, having a totally food indulgent weekend is enough to make everyone smile! If you love cooking, pop on your apron and get busy in the kitchen. But if you’re not a huge fan, give tasks to others to help. Print menus off and make it a real foodie weekend!

Give yourself a pamper day

There are many times we try to dedicate a few hours to giving ourselves a long soak in the bath with a facemask. But how often do we save aside a full day of pampering, allowing us to do facials, body exfoliating, nails, hair masks and tanning? Hardly ever!

Plan a day aside where you and your best friend can treat the day as a total pamper. Start by doing each others nails, a full tanning session, exfoliating facial and then finish with a sleepover, with overnight hair masks soaking away in your hair. You can decorate your bathroom and bedroom with fluffy towels and robes, relaxing candles and insense, and even enjoy healthy homemade juices drank from cocktail glasses.

You’ll wake up feeling (almost) as relaxed as a trip to a spa!


One thing we never have time to do in today’s busy world is to sit back and go through past holiday memories. I don’t just mean talking about them, I mean going through old holiday photo albums, dig out old videos, organise your photos from your phone into dedicated holiday albums, and remind each other of the fun times.

It’s such a nice family bonding time, or even just a lovely way to spend an evening with your other half. We go on so many adventures and trips over the years, whether it be UK trips, days out or abroad with loved ones, but it’s rare we’ll ever get time to sift thought the photos and save them in a safe place to keep returning to

Remember that when you hear the word ‘staycation’ it shouldn’t always associated with a negative alternative to jetting off abroad. Home life is previous, and when you plan it properly, you can have so much quality time and fun in your own home. From a cocktail making night, a family feast, pamper time to even having a weekend dedicated to doing up the home, ‘staycations’ are so beneficial – this year more than ever.

If you have any fun tips for staying home this Summer, feel free to share below!

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