Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Gardens Appearance

For many people, creating a stylish, aesthetically pleasing garden can seem like a bit of a challenge. With summer just around the corner, now’s the time to get your thinking cap on and decide what you like when it comes to garden design.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a selection of your favourite flowers, colours or even scents, you can make quick updates to your garden by introducing simple features that appeal to you as an individual. Below are a few ways in which you can add a fresh touch to your garden and improve the overall look, in time for spring and summer!

Create a Flowerbed

If your garden has a small section of grass available, turning it into a stunning flowerbed will instantly transform your garden. The overall look of a garden wants to be bright, floral and aesthetically pleasing and introducing a flowerbed will provide exactly that.

Through introducing a flowerbed to your garden, you can decide on a selection of different flowers, made up of bright, bold colours to add character to that area of the garden. Not only will this new feature add life to your garden, but it will also provide you with a space to enjoy working on, creating new projects and being more hands on in your garden over the warmer months.

Remove Old, Dull Plants

Over time plants can start to look dull and lifeless, even when they haven’t quite died. This can automatically bring the whole look of your garden down and make it feel duller than it should do.

Focus on removing all of the dull, tired looking plants that have lost their beauty and replace them with some bold, bright plants that will enhance that part of your garden. You don’t have to add the same plants again, you may feel that the existing plant doesn’t work as well as a different kind may do, so you could look at switching up the area completely.                                     

Re-Varnish All Wooden Areas

The winter months can be harsh, especially on the garden. When the warmer, drier weather arrives it’s always a good idea to focus on adding the life back to your decking, fences and other wooded areas that may have lost their colour from the bad weather. By re-varnishing your fencing or decking, you can make the whole area look new and fresh, preparing it for plenty of use over the summery months ahead.

Repair Cracks in the Patio

If your patio has started to allow weeds to peep through the cracks, you know there’s a problem with the surface area. Cracks in your patio can be caused by a number of different reasons, which can often be difficult to identify. All you can do is go back over the cracks and repair them with cement.

If your patio is free from cracks, but you notice that weeds are starting to show, then you need to tackle the area with some secateurs and get them before they grow further. Once you’ve removed the weeds, apply some weed killer to the area, as this will prevent them from growing back any time soon.

Add Some Character

Your gardens appearance isn’t completely down to the plants and flowers that you include to make it look pretty. There is a whole selection of different garden features that can be introduced to add a bit of personality and character to the area, such as bird tables, sun dials and so on.

By investing in some stylish garden pieces such as a delicate bird table, you are able to add a little bit more to the overall look, whilst providing a space for wildlife to come and enjoy your garden!

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