Makeup: LaRoc Eyeshadow Palettes

As most of you know, I’m a makeup artist in my spare time. So the amount of makeup and tools I own is pretty ridiculous. But the beauty of this sideline is that I can never own too many cosmetic products – I’m more than happy to just keep on growing and growing my kit!

I recently discovered a Manchester based brand called LaRoc cosmetics, an online retailer specialising in affordable makeup and brush sets. But when I say affordable makeup, I literally can’t get my head around just how affordable LaRoc really is. Like, literally super super cheap.

I picked up this 88 colour Eyeshadow Palette full of matte shades, with every tone possible from fresh creams to lemons, deep bronze to greys. So each colour ‘pot’ is fairly small, but I can already tell this eyeshadow palette is going to last a lifetime. The incredible fact is that this professional palette cost just £6.99, but it doesn’t dip in quality.

I used the colours in this palette when giving my sister a little makeover last weekend, using a range of browns and greys blended together. Each shade is highly pigmented – you don’t need to keep dipping your brush into the colour to get more powder. They blend into the eyelid easily and don’t cake or smudge like some poor quality eyeshadows. I just can’t believe the price!

After being so impressed, I checked out what else LaRoc have on offer, as in all honesty I only checked out the array of palettes. I spied they actually retail brush sets which are similar to those which Iconic London made so popular – you know the ones that appear to have oval sponges on the ends? Their 10 piece set costs just £10.99, which is a great price when you are trying out a new type of brush device.

If you’re a little bit of a makeup obsessive like myself and want to explore more of the ‘trends’, like cream contour palettes or liquid eyeliners, then LaRoc is a great place to explore first. I still can’t get over this amazing 88 shade eyeshadow palette that cost just £6.99 (it’s available here), and it doesn’t even let me down in quality.

I always like to share my tips and discoveries with you all, so let me know if any of you try this brand out…

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