Lifestyle: Why A Casino Resort Can Still Make For A Great Holiday

In the same way some people think about cruise ship vacations, there can be a stigma attached to those vegas style casino resorts. Some think of these places and picture elderly locals passing the hours on the slot machines; others imagine rowdy groups of old friends acting out popular clichés for bachelor or bachelorette weekends.

These notions about casino and vegas style tourism aren’t all that inaccurate; they’re at least based in reality rather than the online slots you’ll see if you read this, and you may well see them in action if you decide to take a trip to one of these resorts.

With that said however, there are a lot of positives to these resorts as well, even if casinos aren’t really your thing. I wasn’t sure if I was too into them, until I stayed for 5 nights on the Vegas strip and couldn’t believe how incredible it was!

The bottom line is that these types of holiday places are designed to keep you entertained and relaxed, and ultimately to make you feel like a high roller (or in some places, practically royalty!) and to have a bit of fun with a difference. Sure, the whole thing might be a little bit gimmicky in some cases, but who doesn’t want that feeling now and then?

For one thing, the accommodations at casino resorts can be out of this world. The suites tend to get the most attention, and some of them are completely over-the-top, with incredible views. These places tend to be very expensive, and while you can occasionally find a deal on a nice suite, you’re better off travelling with a group that can divide the cost.

Even the standard rooms in most major resorts in Las Vegas and other areas with a concentration of casinos can be wonderful. We stayed at The Luxor hotel on the Vegas strip, and it was out of this world to say the least. And, this hotel in particular is actually one of the cheapest on the Vegas strip (although I would never say ‘cheap’, just not as silly as some of them).

Comfort and luxury are an important aspect of the experience, and in some cases you’ll hardly want to leave your room. Going on holiday to somewhere like Las Vegas means walking through hotel to hotel when getting yourself down the strip, so you actually spend a lot of time living it up in these luxury hotels (even the ones you’re not staying in).

And did you know that when you’re hovering around the casino games in these Vegas hotels, the waitresses will bring you free drinks? Now that is something to bear in mind! (and the measures of vodka and coke are HUGE!)

I should also state that the games, while responsible for some of the stigmas noted earlier, can still be a lot of fun. There’s some buzz around the internet that casino resorts’ gaming sides are losing their luster, and it makes a certain sense. Players can now choose from a wide variety of games online and enjoy them far more conveniently.

That said, there’s nothing quite like the bells and whistles of a bank of slot machines in a real casino, or the excitement of sitting at a real card table while a dealer runs a poker or blackjack game. It might be a little old fashioned at this point, but the gaming is a big part of the experience that’s still worthwhile.

Depending somewhat on the specific resort you visit, there are likely to be incredible spa facilities as well. Somewhere along the line this sort of just became part of the game where casino resorts are concerned, and it’s a nice balance to the high-energy excitement of the gaming floors.

If you’ve spent some time at the tables and you’re ready to relax, or if you just want to use a casino resort getaway to recharge and indulge, a spa treatment can be just the thing. And at the nicer resorts these are incredibly nice spas, sometimes with special themes matching the resorts, and sometimes simply built for high-end relaxation.

Finally, most major casinos have some form of entertainment aside from the traditional casino games as well. This depends a great deal on where you might be, but there’s always something. From the elevated, brightly lit garden park by the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore to the roller coaster winding through a miniature Manhattan at the New York New York in Las Vegas, side entertainment is always part of the fun.

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