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This week has been ridiculously busy! Made even more busy by having a manic weekend too. Just the usual in the world of… so I thought I’d round up this hectic week with a few things I want to share with you, a few things I’m loving, and a few things I’m doing!

Manchester Christmas Markets and Elixir

I’m not trying to over ncourage drinking and partying (although surely nothing wrong with that…) but I have found two new haunts in Manchester I’d love to recommend to the mancunian readers out there, or if your planning a trip to the Northern city! The first one is Elixir cocktail bar, where I headed last night for one of my best friend’s birthday celebrations. If you love cocktails and are looking to try a new bar dedicated to beautifully made drinks, then head down to this new Deansgate establishment, oppiset the popular Spinningfields. Lets take a minute to enjoy the delights of this birdcage martini cocktail work of art!


Elixir has a dedicated cocktail menu, with all types of spirits, wines, prosecco, juices, fruits, ice creams, sugars, flavorings… even some finished off with sparklers and glow sticks! Some come in classic glasses, some come in crazy shapes… it depends what you feel like! Prices are around £8, but if you appreciate a work of art in the form of an alcoholic beverage, then get yourselves here. Especially good as a stop off place on a hen do, as theres an area to dance and an uber-cool DJ playing some old school dance tracks (well there was on the Saturday night I ventured there anyway). I love love love a good French Martini inspired drink, and these were so delicious I got through them rather a little too quickly. Oops!

My next new discovery is only here temporary, so if you wish to enjoy it, then get here quick! It’s no other than the TeePee tent outside Manchester’s Oast House – designed as a huge teepee lit up with fairy lights and equipped with the most cosy fire. Wooden benches are draped in furry shawls, and the whole place is filled with festive cheer. If your a creative like me, you will love the sketch designed menu, and if your a hot drink lover like me also, you will love the hot rekorderlig spiced cider! For £4, it comes in a glass mug complete with warming spices, and is the nicest festive hot beverage I have ever tasted. I drank the thing like they were selling out…. amazing.


We tucked into a chicken pie with chips that tasted of chicken too, therefore must have been cooked in chicken fat which tasted incredible, and we also shared toasted marshmallows and strawberries dipped in Sailor Jerry chocolate sauce. Cannot explain how nice it was or how fantastic this place is. Whilst the Manchester Christmas markets are up and running, I’d check this place out before it disappears for a year.

Mineral Beauty and Cosmetics

Next week I have my second session of the Derma Roller, and as it’s on a Monday, I’m already worried about going into work for the rest of the week with a bright red face! So I have been doing my research into mineral make-up brands to try and start wearing make-up 24 hours after the treatment, so that it is actually kind to my skin. Mineral make-up is natural, therefore is gentle on the skin and non-irritating. It’s free from oils, perfumes, talcs and dyes, which makes you think of how worrying it is using ‘normal’ make-up brands and all the extras they pile in which are actually sinking into your skin everyday.

I discovered Sheer Cover whilst doing my research, and I’m pretty impressed with how this brand sounds up to now. It’s affordable for a start, as other mineral make-up brands were coming up quite expensive, and it also offers excellent coverage and effective cover-up of age spots, birth marks and blemishes. The starter pack costs £29.99, offering an introduction to the brand and products, which I’m really intrigued to purchases and try. Will let you know how I find it!

sheer cover

Beauty Advent Calenders

I don’t need telling how amazing chocolate is. And I don’t have any problems eating a piece a day. But what I have just discovered could possibly – just possibly – distract me from the excitement of indulging in a chocolate advent calender. Yes that’s right – beauty product advent calenders have arrived! And that is just slightly better than a chocolate one – agreed Who knew about these? Not me until this week! Take a look at some pretty fantastic one’s out there perfect for the beauty product junkies and cosmetic addicts. I put my hands up for this one – I need one of these in my life throughout December. If you want to buy someone an extra gift this year and give it to them slightly earlier, then I can’t think of any girl who wouldn’t appreciate this. Amazing creation!

Here is a round up of some gorgeous ones…

Benefit Cosmetics £60

benefitLiberty £149
libertySelfridges £89


Tesco £50

The Body Shop £50

the body shop
Slightly pricey – I think it’s going to have to be the Tesco version for me!

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  1. Shelley Jessup
    November 19, 2014 / 1:02 am

    Oh My Goodness I must go there WOW!

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