Lifestyle: Using Fotor as a PicMonkey Alternative for Photo Editor

PicMonkey no longer free? Well it’s a good job I can still use Fotor for free online photo editing! When you live your life online or on social media – which lets face it all us bloggers do – you become a little reliant on photo editing sites.

I know that at first it sounds negative, but bear with me here whilst I try and explain its usage in my daily activities. Because I definitely don’t mean I spend time editing my face so that I have slimmer cheeks, bigger eyes or smaller ears.

Basically, when you work as an online influencer, you have to remember that your visuals are pretty much a window to your work. A simple outfit shot I’ll take as a ‘mirror selfie’ sort of represents me, my style, my look, and the quality of my work. I’m not one of those influencers who has a handy photographer at my side during the week or weekends, snapping away at my array of outfits.

So it’s usually just me, a full length mirror and a point and shoot iPhone SE! Pretty much like the below, taken from my Instagram:

Using Fotor for Instagram

One of the ways I use Fotor for editing is for my Instagram photos. I take a lot of flat-lays and styled shots from any outings I go on, and it is pretty important I make them look as pretty as possible. I guess what I’m trying to say is that yes, I’m that odd ball who stands up at various angles, hovering above my food before I eat it, trying to get the perfect shot!

But once I’ve done that, its then time for Fotor, where I can sharpen, brighten and take away any warmth from my iPhone photos with simple photo editing.

The above is the original photo, and the below is the one ran through Fotor, where I added a lightening filter, a sharpen, a tighter crop and an overall contrast/brightness edit.

And as I have a terrible quality iPhone as mentioned before, I have the tendency to get a lot of photos coming back like this one below…


With photos like this, there isn’t too much that can be done to improve the quality because the original photo itself is pretty poor. But, there are elements to Fotor which can dramatically clarify the photo and bring the subject into more focus, along with the usual brightening, contrast, sharpen.

It just means that when I’m out and about, and I’ve taken a number of photos just as and when without really doing much pre-planning, theres still a way I can work these into my blog although they haven’t exactly been high quality imagery.


Editing Digital Camera Photos

On the plus side, when you take higher quality photos, like the ones using my Canon SLR camera, it makes using Fotor easier to edit my pictures. These usually just need some highlights and radiance adding to them, and a little bit of sharpening to make them stand out and look super sharp and bold.

There’s also some really nice photo effects you can add, like more intense drop shadows, or subtle blurs.

There is also corrective, blurring tools which I use a little sneakily to remove any blemishes and lines that are present on my fashion shoots. So this is more like soft editing, to remove creases on the dresses, or spots that show up on my face which just don’t give my photoshoots any justice!

Editing for Halloween

With Halloween coming up, you can make your photos more appealing for seasonal events with the range of frames, graphics and fun editing techniques you can add. It’s usually a fun thing to do with images for social media, you know, like, adding novelty stickers of text on the images, making them look themed and fun to share!

Especially if you need to send any e-invites or anything like that, or even funky Facebook cover photos!

There are literally endless opportunities with something like Fotor, and the best thing is that its still free to use, unlike PicMonkey which has now changed. You needn’t feel like you need to invest in Photoshop or any expensive photo editing software’s when we’re lucky to have free online photo editors out there!

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