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So it happened! I turned 30 and boy – it was a blast. Seeing as I was approaching a pretty big age milestone, I decided it was the perfect excuse to throw a party. I’m lucky to have a twin sister to share my birthday with, which made it much much easier to host a party. There’s always that worry of people dropping out, and the party crowd wearing a little thin. But with the two of us combined, we had such a brilliant turn out!

The dress I am wearing in my 30th party photographs is from Rare at ASOS – it’s the pretty pink one with the shimmering sequin skirt. I can always rely on Rare when it comes to looking for party dresses, as their collections are tailored to evening outfits and pretty dresses. I did get a few comments during the party that I resembled a mermaid, but that’s surely a compliment, right?

bday dress
I know I recently put a blog post together not long ago talking about my aims and life plans for turning 30, so I guess this blog post will be a little similar. But I basically wanted to round-up a few thoughts on reaching 30 (and how it’s not all that bad, I mean come on, surely I still look about 22?). So here we go, a couple of pointers about reaching this mile stone, and what it personally means to me…

1. Friendships
They say at 30 years old, you reach the time in your life where you should have sifted through the acquaintances and ‘faux friends’, and just have the good, solid ones around you. For me, that really is spot on. I wouldn’t say I have too many fake friends, but there are a few that continuously let me down time and time again. Sometimes when you grow up, you realise that some friends you have you just keep because you feel bad, when you literally don’t have anything in common any more. It’s those situations that are the saddest, when you just genuinely fall apart from someone. I’m a firm believer in not forcing things and doing things that make you unhappy, so unfortunately it does mean letting a few people go. I was very very lucky to have all my closest friends turn up for my party, some new friends, and some super old friends that I have had in my life for 20 plus years…

2. Relationships
I have always been one who treasures relationships, whether that’s those I have with partners, or with family. Reaching 30 years has only made me appreciate my relationships more, from experiencing relationships falling about and people leaving my life throughout my twenties. I have the loveliest, close relationship with my family, and will be making sure I dedicate much more time to seeing them from now on…

birthday whatemmadid
3. Beauty
A little bit of a fluffier topic, but I’m obviously not getting any younger therefore I really do have to up my beauty regimes now I’ve the big 30. I’ve always looked after and cared for my skin, but sadly had to battle with breakout and acne whilst growing up. Luckily, it seems to have died down, however I am still prone to horrid breakouts if I eat too much dairy or sugar, or just for no reason at all (which is so terrible for me!). I have pretty much tried everything over the years to settle my skin and calm any breakouts, and I genuinely found that some things work for a while, then just literally stop. Some things don’t work at all, and then others surprisingly work miracles. I found a lot of interesting information and help over at this site when I was constantly seeking advice, so if you’re in the same situation as me, it could be an idea to have a little look too. But for me, after spending the majority of my teens and twenties searching for a miracle product, I’m finally going to embrace my twenties eating what I want and using what products I like, giving less of a care about acne. I chose to waste no more time stressing about it!

4. Career
Another rumour I had heard was that by the time you reach 30, all your hard work from building a career and learning and gaining experiences throughout your twenties should start to settle into place. And that is definitely the case with me. I won’t lie, I can be a little bit work obsessed. When I’m not doing the day job, I’m running this blog and my boutique business, attending networking events and blogger meet ups. I’m always busy, but as long as I’m busy doing what I love, then I’m one happy girl. I’ve had a few jobs throughout my twenties which have taught me so much and been a great experience, but I really wasn’t that happy there. I’ve also had some within the fashion and beauty PR and Marketing industry that I have loved, and looking back they were the best times of my life. Now, at the grand old age of 30, I’m happily settled in my new role as a Beauty Content Manager, working across premium beauty brands and putitng my editorial, blogging and website building skills to good use. I’m also continuing to run What Emma Did, so everything has perfectly fallen into place!

twins birthday cake
On a final signing off note – how super cool is my 30th birthday cake? It features two cute little twin figurines sat on top of the cake in dresses. A huge thank you to my Mum for organising!

So here we go- officially entering a new era of my life. And of course, you can all continue to follow my adventures by reading this blog! I’ll never get too old to run this…

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