Lifestyle: Revamping the face of Bingo!

Hello ladies, today’s blog post features a small lifestyle discussion about the famous game of bingo, which is becoming a trendy and a hot topic in the UK. Akin to the fashion industry, bingo industry too has made a rapid growth and has become a household talk in the UK. It would be massively unfair if I suggest that the game hasn’t changed drastically over the years.

In earlier days it used to be a game associated with silver haired elderly ladies. But now I would be glad to say that in past few decades the face of bingo has completely changed. With the advancement of technology the game is now virtual and has been revolutionized, catapulted according to the needs of 21st Century.


Bingo as game, now appeals to a younger, tech savvier demographic. Gaming operators are targeting the younger crowd specially young women. People like me who love chilling out with friends, online bingo would be the best way to have fun and socialise. I had a little explore of to get myself started – nothing better than just snuggling down on a weekend night and jumping on the laptop!

There are a lot of reasons behind the popularity of this traditional game. The popularity continues to flourish because now the game has become more simple and easy. At just few clicks you can be having fun and also setting up yourself to some real money.

If you think there is no social element in online bingo, unlike bingo halls than you are completely mistaken. In here players can chat with their virtual buddies and it is not compulsory that they just need to talk about bingo in the chat rooms.

I love having the odd go at playing online bingo, it’s a nice idea to invite girl friends round for a ladies night in and enjoy this game together. These days you can play online bingo on your mobile devices as well.

How do you choose to play bingo?

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