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A couple of week’s ago, I headed up to Saddleworth to take a visit to the ladies at Optifit Bra Company, to check out their product and services, whilst also being part of a valuable focus group for the company.

As you can probably guess from the name, Optifit is a revolutionary bra company, introducing a radical new design that has been designed for every woman, no matter what size or shape you are. They also feature no wiring – an important health element for bra wearers for the body. An Optifit bra is a healthy alternative to the standard bras that are available in the ‘fashion industry’, where Optifit doesn’t compress you with wires, boning and moulded cups. Optifit claims to elevate your breasts without any pressure or distortion.


One of the main things I learnt from my day at Optifit is that Optifit really does question the fashion world and they way it displays the expectation of how a bra should look like and be built up. As I am part of the fashion industry, I found this really interesting as I felt like it was challenging me and what I am used to – working in this industry means I look for fashionable, pretty garments on a daily basis to write about and feature.

The ladies at Optifit talked me through the history of the bra and the fashions over the era, which highlighted the pros and cons of bra’s back then, and now in the modern day. For a clearer idea of what I’m talking about, check out the images below comparing an Optifit bra to that of a ‘high fashion’ bra:

It was lovely to have an insight to more of science side of the body and breasts, learning how all the wiring and moulding and padding of bras  in order to ‘look good’ do nothing but harm to your body, and how looking after yourself by the support underwear you wear is so important. The next step was to learn how to measure myself as if I was an actual Optifit customer, which I was just as intrigued about as I have never had to measure myself on my own before, let alone use a whole new measuring system.


Basically, how Optifit works is by sending out packs to customers which contains a special measure tape called the Optimeasure. It features a range of numbers, letters and colour blocks, and the cleaver device interprets ribcage shape, body frame, body depth and breast projection which are combined to determine your own Optifit measurement.

I took a few minutes to read some instructions and familiarise myself with the Optimeasure, before watching a short video which is displayed on the website, showing you step by step what to do. So then I had a go myself, whilst the ladies at Optifit watched me to see what problems I would come across. As expected, I did make a few errors in my measuring process, however only slightly, and as the professional measured me again, we came to the correct measurements.


The next bit was the most exciting bit – fitting me with an Optifit bra. I was taken into a changing room and shown the correct way of putting on an Optifit bra to properly support my body and shape. After all the body science I had learnt, along with health benefits and posture, I was eager to see the results. And I can reveal….I was very impressed! I was fitted with a black Optifit bra,  fastened low down on my back, with no wiring, padding, moulding or any enhancements. I felt supported, yet i was also ‘lifted’ and when I got fully dressed on top of the bra, I actually noticed a more visible shape and obvious ‘pert-ness’! I have to admit, I wasn’t so sure I would notice such a difference, but I really did and I felt so comfortable and secure.


If you care about your body and want to have peace of mind you are looking after your breasts, posture and overall health, then take a look at Optifit and see for yourself the results. The website tells you everything you need to know about Optifit, how to measure using Optimeasure, and everything else!


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  1. Sara
    February 28, 2019 / 11:31 am

    I realise this post was written years ago now, but on the hunt for a non-wired, comfortable bra that supports good posture and am wondering if you could tell me how this bra fared after several wears?
    Many thanks.

    • whatemmadid
      February 28, 2019 / 2:20 pm

      You know what, it lasted ages and worked a dream! I don’t know if the company are still there, but it was brilliant x

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