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When I heard about Alpro launching a new range of plant-based ice-creams, you don’t even want to know just how over the moon I was. Do you have any idea of the heartache and pain it gives me when it’s the British Summertime, and dairy ice-cream vans are parked up everywhere?

A few of you reading this may be a little confused, because I eat ice-cream, right? In fact, I featured two over-the-top deliciously piled high ice-cream treats on the blog last week, made from 100% dairy. So yes, I do eat ice-cream, but very very minimal. I’m not allergic to dairy, but as I talk about a lot on the blog, it aggravates my skin and causes spots and inflammation. Perhaps it was one of the reasons I suffered acne for so long?

Who knows. All I do know is that when I cut dairy out from my diet, my skin is much cleaner.

So the first hallelujah was when I discovered Alpro soya milk, and now I have it with everything. Tea, coffee, cereal… be it sweetened when I’m feeling naughtier, unsweetened when I’m trying to be good. But purchasing plant-based ice-cream and cheese was always my next hurdle.

I haven’t solved my cheese dilemma yet, as not a long of supermarkets retail the thing (and who would blame them – it tastes vile), but Alpro have well and truly saved my day with their new plant-based ice-creams!

The Vanilla flavour tastes absolutely delicious – it’s so incredibly creamy and smooth and sweet, but I don’t just love this one because it’s the only flavour they have available. They also do amazing Hazelnut Chocolate version, along with a Coconut too. Because they are plant-based, in my opinion, they don’t let you know with taste. Take the Vanilla for example; it’s made from nature’s tastiest ingredients and contains less sugars. It has a deliciously creamy texture without feeling too heavy, using real vanilla for a gorgeous sweet taste sensation.

The Vanilla version contains 30% less sugar than some market versions of ice-creams, so I find that quite comforting when tucking into my tub!

I have to say, the Alpro website has given me tonnes of inspiration for what to pair my ice-cream tubs with, but I literally have been so greedy I’ve been piling a bowl high and topping with chocolate or flack seed, or digging my ice-cream scoop straight into the tub.

But they’ve shown me you can scoop the chocolate hazelnut over pancakes, add the coconut version to chopped bananas and fruit as a dessert, and add scoops of the vanilla to warm, crumbly apple pie or crumble. Is your mouth watering yet?

It’s lovely to see that if you can’t enjoy the taste of dairy, you don’t have to miss out, and that’s why I’ve always opted for Alpro Soya milk ever since I made the switch 4 years ago.

If you’re keen to try these ice-creams, Alpro have a sampling calendar, in which they sample at supermarkets across the UK. Check the dates out here for a look! They are available from ASDA, Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsburys, Ocado plus a couple more, so do see what I’m raving about if you are trying to limit your dairy/have an intolerance and don’t want to give up the tasty delights in life…

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