Lifestyle: My Healthy Morning Routine for Weekends

Latley, I’ve been terrible with my weekend routines. I’m usually quite good on a weekend in terms of having extra sleep (waking up at 8.30 am rather than 6.30 am), having a nutritious breakfast, giving myself some relaxning time, going to the gym, making time for beauty regimes… but lately I’ve gone completely off track.

I’ve just been celebrating my 31st birthday, along with another few weekends which have been action packed. Mostly – as ashamed as I am to admit – they’ve been filled with late nights, sleeping in makeup, alcohol and takeaways. This build up has left me feeling sluggish, and more importantly, looking like crap!

So, from this weekend onwards, I’m getting back on track with using my weekends to be more healthy. To help give me some motivation and direction, I’ve decide to share some of my tips in a blog post for how to make the most of your Saturday or Sunday mornings by looking after your body. So here goes!

1. Have a nutritious breakfast

So when I’m doing the 6.30 am get up and rocking up at my work desk around 7.45 am, I skip anything remotely nutritious. I’ll either tuck into a bowl of shreddies, cheerios or shredded wheat cereal, usually with a cup of tea. Some mornings, when I’m feeling super tired, I turn to comfort food and opt for a toasted bagel with heaps of butter and a large soya latte from a cafe.

On a weekend, I have much more time to play with. If you can, try to incorporate as much good fats and vitamins as you can. My all time favourite weekend breakfast meal is wholegrain toasted bread topped with smashed avocado, pine nuts and smoked mackerel – grilled of course! I always have a green tea alongside it too. Other options can include poached eggs with grilled tomatoes and veggie sausages, or even a hearty bowl or rolled outs with chopped banana.

2. Enjoy an invigorating shower

Shower time is a rushed time for me throughout the week. I don’t make it a relaxing, pampering session, and I certainly don’t spend enough time doing all the things I need to (lets face it, who shaves their legs or does a full body exfoliation at 10.30 pm on a Wednesday night?)

However, my Saturday or Sunday morning shower is treated differently. I love nothing more than selecting my loveliest, freshest shower gel, which hydrates and nourishes my skin as well as giving me an uplifting scent. This H20 body wash is packed with eucalyptus and aloe, and its super soft on my skin. It’s also great to create a foam with, making it perfect for letting me shave!

Shower times can be a real chance to take some time out, some quality time alone, to gather your thoughts from the week and make plans for your weekend. I came across a little inspirational blog post about making the most of those morning showers, in case you need persuading too, take a read here!

3. Make time for the gym

If I don’t have to be anywhere on a weekend, I’ll head to the gym and have a real good workout session. If I make time for the gym during the week, its after work at 7 pm and I pretty much rush a 40 minute cardio and weights combination. However, its my weekends when I can really make the most of the gym.

If you can, aim for a 11 am session and work out til 12.30, and then you have a nice lunch to look forward to! I always try to make the most of it by putting on my favourite gym workout wear and trainers so I feel confident. After all, when you’ve made an effort and feel good, you’ll always perform much better!

It’s also a good excuse to create some upbeat playlists made up of your favourite music, and enjoy a good session of music catch up!

4. Take Vitamins!

So this isn’t a weekend specific tip, but lately I’ve been relying on a multivitamin to support my health and nutrition. A lot of people look at vitamin supplements with caution, but a good all-rounder multivitamin with reasonable amounts of all the key vitamins is actually a really good support. Obviously, you shouldn’t use them as a replacement for eating well, but there’ s nothing wrong with taking them once a day as a support.

I’ve recently been taking the Catwalk Queen vitamins from MyProtein, aimed specifically at daily women’s needs. They are packed with the reasonable amounts needed for healthy skin, hair, nails and overall health, and as long as you don’t take them in replacement for nutritious food (and just take them to support your diet) they really are recommended to ensure optimum health!

So there’s my little 4 tips on how to try and turn your weekend mornings into a healthier start! If you have any other tips that you follow, do let me know in the comments below…

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  1. Charlotte
    June 3, 2017 / 8:41 pm

    My weekend routine needs a lot of work! In fact my whole routine needs more work. I do Monday to Wednesday nights usually and apart from having a pizza before my last one and Aqua yoga on a Thursday my routine is pretty much non existent.

    Charlotte |

    • whatemmadid
      June 4, 2017 / 3:45 pm

      I feel you! I’m going to try hard this summer…. lets see how it goes!

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