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In every office and workplace, there is always someone who wears several jumpers on top of each other as soon as the first autumn leaves appear on the trees. There’s always a colleague who seems to have a mini-pharmacy on their desk with an army of vitamin boxes, throat tablets, aspirins, and flu tablets, without mentioning the extra large box of tissues. There’s also someone who refuses to wear any jumper but demands a portable heater to stay warm.

And finally, there’s that weird colleague who seems completely weatherproof and wears a t-shirt all year round, whether it’s sunny or snowing outside. Me however, I’m that girl who sits wrapped up with various layers, a hot tea in hand, moaning about the air conditioning at every possible moment. You could say I hate the Winter, but there is a side to it I really like…

I love Winter fashion a lot more than Summer styling, and there’s something about layering up fitted tops with jackets, scarves and hats that makes me feel like a real British girl. And also, I’m a true indoors girl – I love staying in. It’s like I get this thrill from making my house all cosy and warm, and setting myself up for a night of blogging and doing all my online work, hidden under a blanket on the sofa with my favourite TV shows on.

If I’m not blogging or being an internet geek, then I’m baking, I’m photographing everything, I’m practicing makeup tutorials or reading and writing.

And all theses things are more than acceptable in the Winter. It’s how I’d define my cosy place.I’ve identified that I’m a true indoor girl during Winter, but what about you? Where is your cosy space?

The perfect hygge at home

If you’re the kind of person who likes to stay at home when the rain is pouring outside – or the snow is falling, depending on where in the UK  you live – then it’s likely that your cosy spot is directly in the living room in front of the fireplace. Create your perfect hygge environment, a mixture of warmth, friendliness and comfort at home. All it takes is to bring things that make you feel good and happy together.

How about getting a pair of warm and cute slippers for the winter? When you have the nicest, fluffiest pair, you literally look forward to putting them on and snuggling up.

I’ve started to try and pull my self away from the TV a little bit too and actually enjoy my house and cosy surroundings. I’ve turned more towards music to help me do this, and its helps that HMV have such a good range of CD’s to cater for whatever mood I’m in. I recently purchased a selection of Motown CD’s from them from when I’m feeling a bit relaxed but love a good sofa dance or wiggle (ha ha I knooooow, can you just picture it!?) and then some mellow old school R&B love songs for those Sunday nights when I literally just chill out and rest. Also, my recent splurge reminded me that things like CD’s and DVD’s are a great stocking filler idea too. I’d love nothing more than to receive a thoughtfully picked out CD wrapped up for Christmas this year!

The same can be send about investing in a luxury, modern mug to sip your hot chocolate and hot drinks from – a nice tall mug which will bring a smile on your face. And of course, an instagrammable mug is even better!

All you need to add now is a good book – try romance stories – or your favourite film on the TV. If you love the magical spirit of Christmas, try some of the early Harry Potter films to dive in a world of wizards and enchanted castle/school.

A holiday or city break

Does the cold weather depress you? How about planning a short break away for Christmas? There are still plenty of places where you can enjoy the sun and a refreshing cocktail on the beach while you walk on the sand in your cute summer flip flops. It’s the ideal moment to go on holiday abroad and recharge your batteries with tonnes of vitamin D! If you’ve heard of the SAD syndrome, you know that there’s nothing as cosy and reassuring as direct sunlight in winter.

However, some people just love to be ‘on holiday’ in the great British Winter weather, whether that’s a city break in London, or a crisp cold weekend in Edinburgh. Sometimes, there’s just something about being in the UK when it’s Christmas and all Wintery. The stores all get dressed up all glittery, the towns and high streets are lined with twinkling lights, and there’s just something all lovely about being in the UK for Winter.

In the middle of Christmas decorations with all the seasonal sweets

What if your favourite cosy spot were just under the Christmas tree? For some people, the prospect of spending the festive season with the family and plenty of delicious food is the best thing in the world. Indulgence might be the new cosiness, assuming that you indulge mindfully.

I use the Winter time, and especially the run up to Christmas, to get a little more creative with baking. I always make homemade mince pies, I add cinnamon to my cake making or muffins, and I also get much naughtier with my hot drinks. Ever tried hot chocolate with almond milk, whipped cream, marshmallows and caramel sauce? It’s to die for, and I only feel it’s acceptable to be this unhealthy because its the Winter and a good excuse to find comfort in good old delicious food!

Its also the best time to spend evenings having friends round and making the most of those all important nights in. As well as me hiding away in my kitchen getting more creative with indulgent baking, I also like to use Winter nights making different spins on savoury foods. Some of my new winter favourites is to rustle up Winter mezze boards, but with chills and paremsan fries, homemade hummous, fried pitta breads, hollumi and chorizo skewers and various bits of crisps and dips.

Who said Winter nights in had to be dull?…

Are you a hygge owl, a summer jet-setter, or a family person? Whatever floats your boat, it’s time to get cosy this Christmas!

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