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If any of you came across my blog post back in May about my goals before turning 30, you’ll see that I conquered climbing Mount Snowdon. I’m fairly active when it comes to going to the gym and heading off on nice, leisurely walks, but trekking up one of the highest mountains wasn’t something I was sure I was capable of.

Anyway, a goal is a goal, and when there’s something I want to do, I usually jump in with both feet. And it’s fair to say I loved every minute of it – hard slog and all the struggles aside – nothing beats that feeling of getting to the top (and having a celebratory hot chocolate at the top!)

Two months following my Snowdon climb, I’m pleased to say I conquered yet another mountain climb. The Glyders are two peaks second in height to Snowdon, so this week I set off on a camping trip for two nights in Capel Curig, Snowdonia, to accomplish climbing one of them. Glyder Fawr – I was ready for you!

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Myself and my boyfriend heading down to Capel Curig on Friday evening, and opted for a campsite which has stunning views of Snowdon, Tryfan and the Glyders. It’s only a small campsite, called Bryn Tyrch Farm Campsite, next to a popular pub aptly named The Bryn Tyrch Inn.

Despite the harsh winds and showers on Friday evening, we pulled up at around 8.30pm and pitched the tent, followed by a BBQ of pork and apple sausages, cheese and beef burgers, and a box of wine. Can’t think of a better way to get started!

When Saturday morning came, I kitted myself out in my professional walking clothes, and we drove to the foot of Glyder Fawr. I was told that apparently it’s similar in terms of difficulty to that of Snowdon, except the ground is worse, with lots of loose rock. So how did I find it?…

glyder fawr

First of all, the start of the walk was much more enjoyable than that of Snowdon. Snowdon doesn’t give you time to adjust – you just rock on up and hit the steep slope immediately. Glyder Fawr took us on a scenic, slow incline across the pretty lakes at the beginning, easing us in and introducing us to the climb ahead. However, when the real climb did kick it, boy did it kick in.

In my opinion, Glyder Fawr involved lots of actual rock climbing, to the point where I was crawling up the rocks and clutching onto the sides. It was steep, but you kind of don’t worry about it as much as you focus on each step of the way. Rock by rock…

mount glyder fawr

However, although Snowdon gives you some breath-taking views on the way up, they are mostly due to the sheer height, and looking down is absolutely amazing. Glyder Fawr on the other hand brings you stunning views the whole way up, a little like some magical rainforest, with running streams, rock pools, waterfalls and clear lakes all popping up around each corner.

I’m not going to lie – about three quarters of the way through the trek, I felt like I couldn’t physically walk/climb any further. If the weather had been nicer and I’d been prepared for a long, chilled out, more ‘relaxing walk’, I’d have brought along some things to make the trek so much more ‘fun’, and enjoyed a bit of a chill out with the stunning views.

You know the deal… a hammock, hammock straps, a bottle of wine in a bag… all the essentials to encourage more stop offs and more moments to just rest up and admire the views! Although perhaps that wouldn’t go down too well…

The hardest part was most definitley the final part, in which a good 15 minute walk through flat land then turned to one of the steepest pikes. The ground was covered with large loose rocks and slippery debris, making the climb a real killer on the legs. It was also covered in thick clouds, making visibility minimal and extremely cold! But, I got there! I perched behind a rock right at the top, cracked open my squashed up duck wraps, and had a little celebratory moment. The feeling when the reach the summit of any mountain is just unreal…

And once back at base, the Sun had come out to greet us, so it involved sitting in our camping chairs, sipping boxed wine from our novelty plastic cups, taking in our achievement. During the evening, we headed to the Byrn Tyrch Inn pub and scoffed a whole lot of food. Chicken Schnitzel and chips was on the menu for me! Oh and of course, a good few JD and Diet Cokes…


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Whilst I was doing the climb, I owe it to two new favourite beauty products of mine which kept me looking fresh and made-up. I’m not a fan of going without make-up, so I did keep it fairly minimal on this particular adventure. I dusted my face with an all over light coating of Bagsy Ray of Sunshine Perfect Glow Bronzer, and used this fantastic eyebrow palette from Shavata to keep my brows shaded and filled. How cute is this appearance of this bronzer for a start? What a genius idea, embedding a cheery quote into the actual bronzer, to lift your mood and feel sunshiney when applying a touch of colour! I’ll put together a more dedicated post for both the brow palette and the bronzer, properly trialing them out with some nice images. So stay tuned!



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