Lifestyle: The Millionaire Dropout by Vince Stanzione

One thing is true: I love a good book. One thing is also very true: I have no time to read. So how peculiar the next book on my reading list ended up being a book based on not only how to get rich financially (because face it, money isn’t everything) but how to be rich in time and fulfillment (more of the purpose for me). Time – who has time? I certainly don’t. My days are packed.

My evenings are booked up weeks in advance. My website suffers, I don’t get chance to do my freelance make-up artistry, I am a strong illustrator trying to promote this on my website but have millions of half -done fashion illustrations waiting to get posted up on my website, I don’t visit the gym as much as I would like, and squeezing in different friends is usually what has caused the migraine I go to bed with. But that’s life isn’t it? Anyone with a good job and a hard-working career, groups of friends, hobbies, freelance jobs etc has this problem, yes?

millionaire dropout

Well this is where Vince Stanzione, author of The Millionaire Dropout, tries to prove that this shouldn’t be a problem. His new book, with the tagline ‘Fire your boss. Do what you love. Reclaim your life’ goes through a series of steps to show you how to take control of your life, mind, money, and therefore make millions anywhere. He touches on how making small changes in your thinking can make a massive positive difference. He also mentions the secrets if making money from virtually anywhere using technology, automation, jobs and commutes.


If you are serious about your life and career, and achieving more, then the book is an excellent no-nonsense guide for you. After all, Vince Stanzione should know- he’s a self-made multimillionaire active in telecommunications and financial trading. The former CEO of TV Commerce Holdings PLC (a media and entertainment company) has been featured across Yahoo! Finance, the Guardian and New York Times, so he really knows his stuff!

I myself am money driven but not to any crazy extent, I have this book in hope to find ways of utilising my time and my talents better. Take a look at some of the subject areas in the contents page, there’s a few sections here with my name written all over it! I may as well bookmark these now… (i.e How to turn a seven day week into a eight day week, and ‘Stop Worrying Today’- eeek!)


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