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One of my all-time favourite brands, Marks and Spencer, have come to my attention lately with their Spend It Well Campaign. In aid of Make It Matter Day – which falls on today, the 1st of June – Marks & Spencer recently discovered that Brits aren’t making the most of everyday life. They found out that with Brit’s it’s always about the big things, rather than the small everyday choices and the little things in life.

This rang home a little, and I’m guessing it may do for many of you lot too. I’m guilty of getting caught up in so many everyday mundane things which prevent me from making the most of my day (and life, for that matter).

Instead of waking up each morning and being grateful for what I have and all the positives, I’ll sometimes be stressed out about all the things I have to juggle during my day, or the fact that I have to go somewhere after work I don’t want to go, or that I’m feeling particularly broke and can’t buy/have the things I’m lusting over.

In their study, M&S found that 96% of us feel like we spend our life on autopilot, meaning that we say ‘yes’ around four times a day instead of saying ‘no’. They also uncovered that 81% of us think that although it’s the small things that make a big difference, we don’t make time for nearly enough of them.

I’d say this is true – I definitely agree with this. It’s the everyday, small things in life which make every day super sweet. Marks & Spencer want to inspire people to change the rules of their routine, to pause and step back, thinking about what really matters to them by looking at the little things to change to ‘spend life well’.

As today is officially ‘Make It Matter’ Day, I asked myself: what little changes can I make to my everyday life? I’ve recently been sharing my thoughts on this so far on Instagram, as you can see from my posts below.

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A bit of a bolder, more dramatic look for me here, one id usually 'save for an occasion' – along with wearing my 'best clothes'. But I actually disagree with saving things for best or waiting for a celebration. Everyday should be a 'best' – we should spend everyday in life doing what we love, wearing what we want and going all out! The new campaign for @marksandspencers #SpendItWell encourages people to live life… spending it well! And why not? It's precious, we should treat everyday as our 'best' ☺ #marksandspencers #ad #spenditwell . . . . #life #makeup #choices #independance #everymoment #happiness #brave #family #friends #living #blogger #photoshoot #mua #hair #hairstyle #dress #bblogger #bbloggers #redlips #darklips #contour #inspiration #motivation #love #freedom

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The first one is about making an effort every day.
More than often, I’ll forget to try and look my best, not taking each day as special, and trying my best. I’ll throw on my ‘OK’ clothes and not give a thought to representing myself as my best self. But really, I should make the effort. Every day. I don’t mean a full face of evening makeup and a celebrity-esque blow dry, but I shouldn’t save my favourite makeup looks, hairstyles and outfits for ‘special occasions’. Because more often than non, a special occasion doesn’t appear. You have to make a special occasion out of every day. And this is one of my little changes…

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As part of @marksandspencer #spenditwell campaign, I'm sharing a number of aspects which matter to me and encourage me to spend my life well, and live every moment. One of them is celebrating every little thing, because we should celebrate everything! Iv gathered all my favourite friends together over the weekend and had copious amounts of celebrations for my birthday. I ate naughty food, drank too much fizz, and surrounded myself with so many friends. Why not? Life is too short to deprive yourself from the finest things. Tomorrow is Make it Matter Day, which ill be celebrating with @marksandspencer – watch this space! #spenditwell #ad . . . . . #food #pasta #italian #foodie #foodblogger #foodporn #life #happy #love #celebrate #wine #fizz #foodoftheday #foodinspiration #foodstagram #bloggers #foodblogger #manchester #westandtogether #ilovemanchester #mcr #foodphotography #foodprep

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The second is about not feeling guilty about indulging…
and not beating ourselves up for trying to enjoy ourselves. Life is short, and we should embrace the opportunities it brings to socialise with friends, have fun, see new places and overall, relax! As long as you are in control of your bad habits and spending (which I’m not encouraging) we should try to enjoy the finer activities in life more without beating ourselves mentally afterwards.

The third is about making time to spend it with those who make us the happiest.
Life is too short to spend it with acquaintances that only make us feel worse/frustrated/belittled during their presence. You’ll find we don’t spare enough time for the ones closest – partners, parents, siblings. I’m aware that I’m my most comfortable self and happiest self when in the company of my loved ones, so I’ll be making a conscious effort to see them more.

A few other little changes to my life and amendments to ‘spend my life well’ are detailed below:

1. Encourage myself to be as knowledgeable in the things I like to be knowledgeable in. And not what society or peers think. For example, I’m a trained Makeup artist, but it always comes second to my job, my blog, my business and everything else. But when I’m practising makeup and learning more, I’m in bliss! Last week, I booked myself in for a training top-up session at a makeup academy in Bury, Greater Manchester, for a day of extra learning.

I left feeling motivated, happy, and comfortable learning something I want to learn, and whats important to me. This is something I need to focus on much harder if I’m to make the little feelings count!

2. Each morning, take just 30 seconds to be thankful. Think of the things I have which are positive, and that I am lucky to have: my parents, my sister, my health, my boyfriend, a secure job, the ability to leave the house and jump in a car to travel around and be independent. When I’m doing my hour commute each morning, I want to at least reflect on things I’m thankful for. The routine in my life, the people I speak to on a weekly basis, just the little things, the nice clothes I can wear… when you start appreciating, your life can seem a much happier place!

3. Plan special events with those special people. I’m at my ultimate happiest when I’m surrounded my my family and best friends, yet I find myself spending more time locked to my laptop, sat in the work office, commuting in my car, or working out at the gym. I’ll come home tired, talking about work, and wishing the day away. Booking in an afternoon of babysitting, lunch with the sister, a quick stop off at the parents or a sleepover at a best friends house is all it takes to break out of the daily grind. It can completely ruin moods, so its important to remember what improves it.


And the fourth one is to love myself more! Look in the mirror and compliment myself, say nice things about myself and become my own best friend. Too many of us critise ourselves and pick out flaws, but its the worst way to treat ourselves. I’m going to start making an effort to look my best as much as I can, take care of my appearance, and start to love myself more.

What small changes do you want to make to ensure you #SpendItWell this Make it Matter Day? Remember, its the little amendments that count, and can go a long long way to improve your life!

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