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As most of you know – because I talk about it a lot – I’m a busy gal. I juggle far too many ‘things’, although these ‘things’ tend to be my lifelines, and my actual means of work.

So with that, I mean being a full time blogger, a YouTuber, a social media content creator, a makeup artist, a freelance writer…. ahhhhhh! I guess the tasks just keep on coming.

The questions I get asked a lot is how do I manage my time, what apps or devices do I use to make life easier for me, and what are my tips in a nutshell for how I keep myself organised. Believe it or not, the only way I physically cope is to go back to basics. I’m just old school: my life is jotted down on paper, with a pen. 

Yes, I have apps. And yes, I have an iPad and a laptop and various electronic forms of ‘diaries’ and ‘notepads’. But there’s something about them that unmotivates me. There’s something comforting about knowing that my to-do lists, my events, my deadlines, my life, is all recorded in my own handwritten notes, in that physcial notebook, in my handbag.

And I don’t have to fear in the morning when I wake up that they could be gone – deleted. There’s no chance of that.

I actually feel lost with my trusty, daily notebook, almost as if it’s a security blanket. But that’s great, because I actually love notebooks, I love writing notes, and I love organising everything in the form of lists and bullet points! So in answer to all the questions I get quite reguarly – take a look at my super stylish Comme Glom Coy Koi Indigo Cover Notebook.

Now this, my friends, is where my whole life is stored. I actually get a shudder to think if anyone would ever swipe it from me! (they’d have to really fight me for it, seeing as it’s usually glued to my hands!).

The secret is, that if you have a notebook that you actually love, you’re going to love opening it up everyday and getting stuck into it’s pretty little pages. There are sooooo many boring notebooks out there, and I was just sick of them. I wanted to feel that rush of proud-ness with my notebook, one I loved to flip through and just smile at it’s perfectly designed pages and good quality.

Every page in my Comme Glom notebook is different, and I feel like it actually compliments me as a person. For example, some days I feel it’s clean and crisp grey and cream pages match my fashion style, it’s pastel orange and pink pages suit my happy little sunny mood, and it’s more serious, stripped back pages reflect some of the more ‘serious’ notes I make. You know, like outgoings and finances. EURGH.

Because I run as a full time business, I make it a bit of a luxury online hub. I have the same attitude with my makeup artistry. I use premium, luxury products and  give a luxury service. So it makes sense that my everyday note is too a luxury product!

It retails at £34.99 (and I have a free delivery and P&P code with EMMA10) and it’s literally going to last me for sooooo long. The pages are thick and feel amazing, you know that real high quality feel? Yep, that!

And call me superficial, but when I sit down to have a meeting with brands, clients, or even just friends, I get that smug satisfcation when I pull out my Comme Glom notebook that my notebook looks sassy and smart. It’s soooooo much better than pulling out a paperback book with no personal thought to it, no creative design, and just plain bland.

This one fits perfectly in my handbag, looks great on my coffee table and even just lay there in my home office.

But more importantly, it actually makes me so much more creative! I mean, some of the pages have all sorts of crazy designs which really throw my mind into all sorts of different thoughts. I mean, some pages are adorned with watermelons, sand dunes, and even pizza! But then others have arty designs and stylish illustrations, and then there is even the page with a stackable ice cream, and then the huuuuge popcorn box…

Do you know what I mean now when I say my notebook is incredibly unique? I’m yet to see anyone else pull out a notebook like it, and it fills my mind with so much inspiration!

Warning though: the pages adorned with cheesy pizza slices do have the tendency to make me crave pizza at 10am on a weekday morning, and it’s probably to blame for my sudden OTT travel obsessions, due to it’s pages of city skylines and classic buildings…

Some of my old trusty notebooks have actually dictated to me, such as my old Filofax. It used to give me set boxes for months, weeks and days, restricting me to small notes for each day, and a limited page for monthly events.

Because this one gives you pages and pages and pages, all free to fill with what you wish, it lets you open up your creativity and ‘plan your life’ however you like, so to speak.

So in a nutshell, I use the first quarter of the book for my weekly to do lists. I then use another quarter for my makeup artistry planning, with all my appointments and schedules. The back of the book is the more boring stuff…. like my monthly outgoings and what I’m spending, blah blah blah. Lets not touch on that area too much!

If you struggle to get organised or motivated, perhaps switch up the way you currently do things. So many people rely on iPhone notes and Google mail notifications and calendars. But all it takes is for an online error to happen, or lack of wifi somewhere, and you’re plans are messed up.

Using a sassy notebook, on the other hand, lets you write your thoughts down as and when you like, and refer to them at any time. Plus, it makes you look super super organised when you pull it out of your bag and have everything to hand!

We’re a nation who are far too glued to social media, mobile phones and devices, therefore trust me when I say you’ll find nothing more refreshing than a fresh paper smelling, hardback notebook.

I’d be lost without mine! Check out the Comme Glom website for the designs, and have a little browse for some inspiration. I love the brands Instagram page too!

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  1. Loz
    June 14, 2018 / 4:06 pm

    Love this. Looks totally bad ass! I’m a massive fan of note writing. I do not remember writing notes on my phone!

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