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When its sunny outside, do you tend to find yourself pining for an ice cold bottle of Rekorderlig Cider? As soon as those rays come through the clouds and I can take whatever I was doing inside to the outside, it’s always the first drink of my choice. It still tastes like cider, but yet it’s delicious fruit flavours make it that bit nicer, that bit sweeter, and that bit more refreshing and more-ish!

Also, I’m finding it’s going down too well with most of my meals. My own version of chicken, vegetables and rocket carbonara (as pictured above), BBQ meats, curries… probably a little bit worrying! My biggest struggle is deciding which flavour, be it Strawberry-Lime, Wild Berries, Passionfruit, and Mango-Raspberry, is my favourite, I’m literally yet to decide. Each one is just utterly mouth-watering!

Anyway, you can imagine how happy I was to discover that not only is the weather warmer so I can indulge more, but that my favourite Cider brand Rekorderlig Cider is staging a Lagom-themed roadshow, which will visit a number of cities throughout the UK. Including my city – Manchester!

Firstly, as the brand are Swedish, they take on the ‘Lagom’ theme, which reflects the Swedish way of living. The Lagom theory is that ‘just enough is the perfect amount of everything,’, with lack of fussiness being the key. Now isn’t that the ideal way to live life? I can’t think of a more perfect way to describe how things should be.

With Lagom translating to ‘just the right amount’, it made me think about how I tailor my life the Lagom way. I could certainly do with employing this tactic a little more, but I would say I follow the Lagom life a little. For example, this Summer, I’ll be spending it with an evenly split list of activities, evenly split with sharing it with a good balance of people – not too much of one thing, or too little of another.

Here’s my list from the top of my head:

1. Working on my ‘work-life balance’, something I tend to struggle with. I’ll continue to work no later than 6pm for my day job, spending every other evening on my blog and freelancing.

2. I’ll be enjoying at least 2 nights a week not working, not blogging, or being addicted to social media. Instead I’ll spend it visiting my family, and another night catching up with friends

3. The gym needs to pick up a little, but 2-3 workouts a week works more than well enough for me.

4. I’ll be holidaying to Lanzarote, where I’ll spend the week soaking up the rays on the beach, sipping Rekorderlig and my other favourite thirst quencher ‘celebratory’ drinks by the poolside, eating everything in site and generally just letting go!

5. However, I’ll follow this with a more exploring, travelling trip when I cruise Greece. I’ll take on a bit of history trips, sight-seeing of ancient ruins, exploring islands I’ve never heard of before and learning how the locals live.

Either way, I’m super happy we’re right at the beginning of the height of Summer, because it means everything I enjoy doing, I can enjoy in the warmer weather and it’s the ideal time to sip on Rekorderlig!

So, a little more about the tour I mentioned earlier…

Rekorderlig will be touring a Swedish-style wooden holiday hut van, creating a Swedish hub with a gorgeous backdrop. Along with a fresh floral decor, guests to the van will be able to experience the Scandinavian lifestyle. I for one am super keen to check it out in more detail!

The setting aims to channel the concept of Lagom, showcasing that the ‘right amount is best’. I always find that one full bottle of Rekorderlig is always enough to switch me into a happier, more relaxed, Summer-mode, so they are one of the best brands to showcase this in my opinion!

The tour dates are below, but for those of you who live in my hometown of Manchester, make sure you clock the 21st July at the Co-op HQ!

The Lagom Tour Dates:

  • Jubilee Street, Brighton – 1st July
  • Rose Lane, Canterbury – 2nd July
  • Working Street, Cardiff – 6th July
  • Crown Square, Manchester – 21st July


Perhaps I’ll be seeing some of you at the Manchester event?…

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